We remember Andrea de Cesaris


#1631152 / gettyimages.com As Murray Walker put it, Andrea de Cesaris is “the man who has won more Grands Prix than anyone else without actually winning one of them.” De Cesaris was the youngest driver when he made his debut in 1980 for McLaren in Canada and would end up as the driver who drove…

ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring, August 2014

Exclusive: Balance of Performance, balance of what?


From an early age we’re taught “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” – so with that it becomes difficult to re-cap this weekend’s penultimate round of the European ADAC GT Masters competition at the Sachsenring. Saying it was a tough weekend for the Corvettes in the GT Masters field is…

10, Sir Jack Brabham at Gold Coast SuperGP

Remembering Sir Jack Brabham


We lost one of the true greats of motorsport this week with Sir Jack Brabham passing away at 88.  It speaks volumes to his contribution to the sport that we all love that he was knighted and that he will be given a state funeral. His legacy speaks volumes when upon his passing, he was…