Podcast ep 4.5 – talking F1, Le Mans and interview with Olly Rae!

The 1978 Renault Alpine Le Mans car sprouted a 'canopy'...will F1 look the same?
The 1978 Renault Alpine Le Mans car sprouted a ‘canopy’…will F1 look the same? (PHOTO: Renault Sport)

It’s been a while since we had a podcast.  We had tried a while back but had some issues with the file.  Now we are back! Talking F1, Le Mans, X-Games, news and our talking point – canopies in F1.

We are also joined live by Formula Ford driver, Olly Rae!

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Podcast by Sam Tickell & Ash Miller, July 2012

Photo courtesy of Renault Sport

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