Ogier’s Championship, Loeb’s Swansong. WRC from France

Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia celebrate their title (Photo: VW Motorsport)
Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia celebrate their title (Photo: VW Motorsport)

Today, we look back at Rally France but also the career of Loeb & Elena and our Champions, Ogier and Ingrassia

It may not have ended as Loeb wanted but his career was unbelievable. No one could have foreseen this 10 years ago. In a way it did more damage to WRC than good, such domination but in the end, he was loved. He was never booed. He was a statesman for WRC, never had to rely on gimmicks, just his raw pace and his character – as a gentleman.

We must not forget Daniel Elena either, a man who sat beside Loeb for all of his career, guided him – literally down the road – to 9 WRC Championships. Never fought publicly with Loeb, never a bad word to say about his driver or his team. Also a gentleman, a legend.

The final outing didn’t go to plan, never mind though. The fans will remember his as the legend.

The cars

A great tribute to him from his Citroen team

And as Loeb and Elena retire, it is now Seb Ogier and Julien Ingrassia who take the mantle – will they have the talent, luck and opportunity to take 9 or 10 titles, maybe but for the sport’s sake, I hope not!

A deserved Championship. It always baffled me as to why Citroen didn’t battle to keep him – he has been mega for years!


A true team effort from Ogier, Ingrassia and the whole VW team. We knew this was coming for 2014, VW don’t do things by halves. A brilliant effort from a brilliant team.

A Champion person too, by the looks.

Ob board at Finland with our new Champion
And your old Champion in France

And to conclude we love our sport, we know it needs something to make it more something for the new generation but not this. Please. Maybe go back to exotic locations, breath taking scenery, cars that got sideways, clever TV, cheaper rallying. I don’t know but lets not cheapen the sport.

But I’ll leave you with this question and a crowd of very happy, very enthusiastic French spectators.

By Sam Tickell, October 2013

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