SBK: A look back at the SS1000 from Laguna Seca


After taking a look at the World SBK gallery from Laguna Seca, we are going to have a look at the SS1000 class with thanks to Jim Fonseca. We will have loads more photos coming from the weekend from the other classes for you to enjoy. If you would like, you can read about the round here with our recap.

SS1000 - WSBK, Laguna Seca
SS1000 – WSBK, Laguna Seca

What happened in the SS1000 races?

Round eight of the MotoAmerica Bazzaz Superstock 1000 series was held last weekend at historic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California. Though one round remains, Laguna proved to be the last bastion for Aprilia HSBK Racing and pilot Claudio Corti’s championship efforts this season. In the end, seemingly ironic for both Italian brand and rider, it was a Machiavellian tale realized on the California coast.

On Friday, the team worked on bike setup to increase performance and feel while Corti reacquainted himself with the technical Laguna Seca track. Through three sessions, Corti was able to run a fast enough pace to head directly into Superpole 2. There, Corti was able to pick up the pace, finishing ninth overall among Superbikes and in fourth position among Superstock 1000 riders, ahead of series points-leader Josh Herrin.

In Race 1, Claudio got a great start off the line yet faced several challenges from an aggressive field in Superstock, exchanging positions nearly every lap, with half a dozen riders battling at times. As the laps ran down, everything was on the line as the riders charged through the Corkscrew and into the final two turns, overtaking Herrin, with a first-place finish for Danny Eslick, Corti just behind in second.

Due to a crash by another rider, the finish came under review, and as race direction decided on which yellow flags they could find footage, Eslick and Corti were penalized two positions, not the single position they had each gained, moving them into third and fourth following the ruling.

In Race 2, Aprilia HSBK Racing and championship challenger Corti had to make their own statement to the fans at Laguna. The race began with Corti immediately jumping toward the front of the pack, eventually finding himself on the heels of the Superbike riders, with an increasing gap on the Superstock 1000 riders. Midway through the race, Corti began to lose distance, exchanging the lead a few times. Herrin, the series leader and almost-guaranteed victor, had dropped back to eighth position, appearing to prefer a more leisurely victory outside the battle, as Corti went on to win by more than 13 seconds ahead of the series champion.

“In Race 1,” Corti said, “I was penalized for passing on the yellow flag. It’s a shame, you know. I know it’s for safety and I want to follow the FIM rules. I’m not, however, the first person to pass on a yellow flag, but this is the first time Superstock riders have been penalized. Just puts a damper on things when it’s not consistent.

“In Race 2, the bike was working so well I was in the middle of the all the Yamahas and then, after resting a bit for couple laps, I started to put on the gap. It was really important for me to win a race at Laguna Seca. It’s one of the most famous tracks with the most famous corner. I’m looking forward to the break and coming back and putting it all out on the track.”


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Photos by Jim Fonseca July 2016

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