My top 5 – Sam Tickell picks his top 5 photos of 2016


With this time of year comes countdowns and we are no different. The first is the picks of our Editor’s photos. Here Sam Tickell takes us through his 2016 favourites.

5. Making a splash

Weekend rains had left some puddles around the stages at Rally Queensland. It is a rare treat in Australia to get an R5 car and the MRF team turn out a great car. A little patience is needed and the 300mm lens but eventually Gaurav Gill would find one of the bigger puddles.

International Rally of Queensland
International Rally of Queensland

4. Italian dust at sunset

The sun was creeping behind the hills at the opening round of the Queensland Rally Championship. What is great about State rallying is that you get a great range of cars – you wouldn’t get an old Alfa anywhere else. the light, the trees, the dust and the car make this a pretty neat photo.

Queensland Rally Championship, 2016, Round 1 - Manumbar.
Queensland Rally Championship, 2016, Round 1 – Manumbar.

3. A hommage to Corsica 1986

Again at the International Rally of Queensland and Mal Keogh’s Audi Quattro replica was on show. The Shakedown at the Namour showgrounds gave a city feel with the Audi racing past a Rotary building. The sign, crossing, flattened road marker and building all combined with a Group B monster give a feel of a past time, in an exotic location. It is all about using what you have around you to give a little atmosphere to your photos!

International Rally of Queensland - Classics
International Rally of Queensland – Classics

2. A Winning Goodbye

Andreas Mikklesen had just arrived back to Regroup after the final stage of Rally Australia. It was unexpectedly Volkswagen’s last WRC and Mikkelsen had just beaten Ogier in a straight fight. There was plenty of emotion in the service park both happy and sad. But there is always a hug for a job well done.

Kennards Hire Rally Australia. WRC
Kennards Hire Rally Australia. WRC

1. Practice makes perfect at Porsche

It was a trip to Japan, a holiday and adventure. On the Thursday night at the track, I was waiting for my lift back to the hotel but there was a delay with my driver so I went to take a look around, take in the sights. Night had well and truly fallen and I came across some pitstop practice. Fortunately I had my camera with me and sometimes all the elements just fall into place. The low angle, the contrasting white car, mechanic running around in that outfit. And on the weekend that Mark Webber announced his retirement.

6 Hours of Fuji – World Endurance Championship

Special mention. Go rallying, get dusty.

This is not a cropped photo, and proof that sometimes, thinking differently can have its benefits. It was the last daylight stage of the Queensland Rally Championship for the year – definitely a time to think differently. Also proves why I am so dirty after a rally.

Love it.

P3 Solutions Bernakin Rally, 2016. Sam Tickell @
P3 Solutions Bernakin Rally, 2016. Sam Tickell @

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By Sam Tickell, December 2016

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