Feature: Ogier trusts in Malcom Wilson and looks forward to it.



Many words have been said about Seb Ogier, about his choices from November of last year, when VW closed the WRC department from morning till night, testing WRC cars with what to propose the market and then choosing to take on the private M-Sport team!

He did well he hurt, who can say, to see to date, he has won two Rally Wrc is at the head of the Wrc General Classification Drivers and Fiesta is first in the Manufacturers, I do not think that the choice was so bad. Rather !

In Portugal he affirmed and thanked that M-Sport had given him a brand new Fiesta after Argentinean issues. Malcom Wilson confirmed that he had paid him and not M-Sport to assert confidence in the pilot, continuing to confirm the goodness of his investment made with the French. Seb waved his hand, putting a deadline, if within the maximal Finland or Germany, Ford had not chosen to enter the Wrc in first person, he would have made other choices, because a team to fight for the world must have a home at home shoulders and its budget that will allow continuous testing and development.

Wilson does not want to lose it as he would not even want to change the other two drivers (Tanak and Evans), but M-Sport has priority over everything, he recognizes that he can not owe it too much to pay pilots or make investments beyond measure, at least not at their expense . We also realize that now I am already a few years, that the British do not even have a main sponsor who can cover the bulk of the costs.

In the meantime, Ogier shifts his expiration date saying that he would be willing to wait in early October, but that before Spain will have certainties. Meanwhile, he starts talking to the other three official teams in the world. Toyota seems to be complete with the two just-confirmed drivers, Hyundai also with the three drivers under contract till 2018, but they may also think about it, but are the boss’s Nandan desires and will have to think about it. The contacts have widened even with Citroen, the problem is more complex, in addition to the engagement budget that might be beyond measure but also agreeable, the “Wolf of Gap” wants many technical guarantees of those who will guide the development of C3 Wrc Team budget and many other things.

So we come to our day, with Malcom Wilson reiterating that he would be really sorry to see him start for the competition, but it seems that the talks with the Detroit Blue Oval, have come to an end. That even just missing more minor details and that Ford could really get into first person in the Wrc, given the current double Ogier rank and Fiesta Wrc. Look at the Ogier replica duo, as things stand, I could wait until 20th October, before Wales Wrc Rally.

Malcom Wilson has a good reputation is a serious business man, if Ogier believes him and gave him his own word, it means that the games are really engaging constructively between Ford and M-Sport, and it’s clear that all this can only do good at Wrc.

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By carlo canova, August 2017


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