Peugeot’s Bruno Famin on WRX, the future of Peugeot Sport


After the announcement of Peugeot withdrawing from the FIA World Rallycross Championship, Peugeot Sport boss, Bruno Famin talks about the future of the brand in sport, electrification and the customer side of racing. Peugeot Sport continues and ‘reinvention’ is what they are aiming for over the next year to reach the demands for the future…[0]=68.ARBB4-SSEgPzqHbar8tUzz2WQO3G-raLsaTFDnGSgTFFwGPCl6RZ9vXYc-CtCy8r9oUCy3tKvYN600LnywiUhc42FqjkeZdxHmMB4U5oD9i6ouXlJNGifRMZ3yrE1V09-HcftaJE6VNKSWrj7k28uCc-CX6WDJo2cQU19o8wLdlN33uatLILweO_K1ehc3oKIarYPnAsghOZG2rH_tXlRHLXCvSDZQRmxgksuAo_OEP4dl3tCY_c-yLaQCSnhqeNJylo&__tn__=-R