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We don’t usually get involved in the F1 side of life but when one of your photographers is on assignment there, we try to get on board. Matt Hancock has been kind enough to make some space for us in his busy schedule and we hope you enjoy his work! But first a small summary of the three days running.

Wed 26th Feb

In the morning session Robert Kubica was the fastest in the Alfa Romeo with a time of 1.16.942 and a total of 53 laps

Second fastest time was by Max Verstappen in the Red Bull Racing car with a time of 1.17.347 and a total of 83 laps during the afternoon session, third fastest was Sergio Perez of Racing point with a time of 1.17.428 and a total of 84 laps.

16th place Romain Grosjean of HAAS F1 team clocked up a total of 107 laps over the day

Thur 27th Feb

All three of the top drivers from the days times were driving for both the am and pm sessions.

At the top was Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari with a time of 1.16.841 and a total of 144 laps, second was Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri with a time of 1.17.118 and a total of 138 laps

Third fastest of the day was Lance stroll in the Racing Point with a time of 1.17.313 and a total of 130 laps

Fourth place Nicholas Latifi of Williams drove the most laps for the day with a total of 158 laps

Friday 28th Feb

All three of the fastest drivers were from the afternoon session with Valtteri Bottas in his Mercedes clocking a time of 1.16.196 and a total of 77 laps, Valtteri was also the fastest driver over the two tests with a top time of 1.15.732 of which was on the third day of week one testing. second fastest on Friday was Max Verstappen in the Red Bull Racing car with a time of 1.16.269 and a total of 44 laps, third fastest on the day was Daniel Ricciardo in his Renault car with a time of 1.16.276 and a total of 65 laps.

Fourth place Charles Leclerc clocked up an impressive 177 laps over the day.


For the two weeks of testing the following teams clocked up the following lap totals with Mercedes topping the table for the fourth year running.

  • Mercedes 903 laps
  • Ferrari 844 laps
  • Mclaren 802 laps
  • Racing Point 782 laps
  • Red Bull 780 laps
  • AlphaTauri 769 laps
  • Renault 743 laps
  • Williams 737 laps
  • Alfa Romeo 735 laps
  • HAAS 649 laps

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