Silverstone welcomes storm Evert to the Classic.

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Well, after what feels like a very long two years; the Silverstone Classic is back for its three-day festival of iconic motorsport. With all the recent hot weather in the UK, things were looking positive on the weather front. However, as Friday approached it was apparent that this would probably not be the case. Friday arrived and so did the first UK summer storm of 2021.

The start of the three-day festival saw Friday’s feature-packed program of qualifying sessions, lasting just over ten hours. The results of the qualifying sessions set the grids for Saturday’s race action.

Most of the day saw many drivers undertaking their qualifying sessions on what was a very wet and slippery Grand Prix circuit.

#34 – 2008 Porsche RS Spyder – G1/P2: Emmanuel Collard Silverstone Classic, Masters Endurance Legends, Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, Northamptonshire, England

Masters Endurance Legends

Emmanuel Collard in his amazing looking Porsche RS Spyder took poll position

1 #34 G1/P2 1 Emmanuel COLLARD Porsche RS Spyder
2 #116 G2/P1 1 WHELDON / TANDY Lola B12/60
3 #27 G1/P1 1 Matthew WRIGLEY Dallara/Oreca

#8 Michael Lyons, Ensign N180B, Silverstone Classic, Silverstone, UK

Masters Historic Formula One

Michael Lyons takes poll in his Ensign N180B

1 8 * Hea 1 Michael LYONS Ensign N180B
2 7 Hea 2 Mike CANTILLON Williams FW07C
3 77 Hea 3 Steve HARTLEY McLaren MP4/1

#25 – 2004 MG Lola EX257 – G1/P2: Mike Newton Silverstone Classic, Masters Endurance Legends, Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, Northamptonshire, England

All the other qualifying results can be found on the following link:

For those that can’t make this weekend at Silverstone you will be able to watch all the action on the Silverstone Classic YouTube channel


#7 – 2008 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP – G1/P1: Francois Perrodo Silverstone Classic, Masters Endurance Legends, Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, Northamptonshire, England

60th Anniversary E-Type Challenge

1 #91 E 1 HUGHES / GREENSALL Jaguar E-type
2 #23 E 2 Gary PEARSON Jaguar E-type
3 #221 E 3 Ben MITCHELL Jaguar E-type

Adrian Flux Trophy for MRL Historic Touring Car Challenge

1 #117 4C 1 David TOMLIN Ford RS500
2 #22 4C 2 MENSLEY / ELLIS Ford Sierra Cosworth
3 #60 4C 3 WRIGHT / COYNE Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

Classic Mini Challenge

1 #80 Bill SOLLIS Morris Mini Cooper S
2 #155 Nathan HEATHCOTE Morris Mini Cooper S
3 #46 Ian CURLEY Austin Mini Cooper S

HGPCA Pre 66 Grand Prix Cars

1 #18 7b 1 Sam WILSON Lotus 18 372
2 #10 7b 2 Will NUTHALL Cooper T53
3 #12 7b 3 Rudiger FRIEDRICHS Cooper T53

Historic Formula Junior

1 66 INV 1 Cameron JACKSON Brabham BT2 2:41.294 1 5 81.22
2 221 E1 1 Pierre LIVINGSTON Lotus 22 2:43.906 1 5 2.612 2.612 79.93
3 81 E1 2 Richard BRADLEY Brabham BT2

HSCC Thundersports

1 3 SP2 1 DODKINS / LOCKIE March
2 8 SP2 2 Dean FORWARD Mclaren M8F
3 19 SP1 1 PORRITT / THURSTON Chevron B19

Feature-rich gallery of Friday’s action to follow shortly thanks to Paul Foster and Matt Hancock.

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