2023 Belgian Rally Championship goes in a new direction


Together with the organizers, RACB Sport and the BRC promoter, a design calendar will be planned for the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship 2023. The large lines of the campaign will also be discussed. The national rally calendar consists of 13 rounds. New for the Rallye des Ardennes (Dinant, 1 April), the Bertrix Rally (Bertrix, 10 June) and the Aarova Rally Oudenaarde (October). In the 13th week of the calendar on the 6th week of the calendar it says “Championship Event”. Five “championship” have been confirmed for the BRC – Rally van Haspengouw, Rally van Wallonië, Ardeca Ypres Rally, East Belgian Rally and Spa Rally. One more will be added to this list and it is between the TAC Rally or the Condroz Rally.

For the Belgian Rally Championship scores for the cars of the type Rally2, Rally3, Rally4 and RGT points. For the record of the campaign, there were 7 best results, of which a maximum of 2 results may have been obtained in some of the Belgian Rally Cup. For the Junior BRC, only the 6 best results could have be counted.
For the classification of the Belgian Rally Cup, additional points were awarded to the first 20 participants in the general classification, based on the points held in the hun class. Departures with a Rally2 of a RGT scoren are points for the Belgian Rally Cup, so they may depart. In the Belgian Rally Cup, all the results were reported in unison. All events also tell me about the BRC Master Cup, about the Historic BRC and about the 2WD Trophy.