What is old is new again in the BRC


A division of Division 1 / Division 2
7 rallies in Division 1

The front runners, Kroon Oil Belgian Rally Championshop. 2023 Rally van Haspengouw. Shot by Sam Tickell for www.racerviews.com

Even before the final of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship 2023 in the Spa Rally, which will be held on November 25 and 26, the BRC Promoter, in consultation with the RACB, will reveal the broad lines of the 2024 championship. The championship will be split into Division 1 and Division 2, as was decided 2 months ago.

For greater clarity, the championship is split into Division 1 and Division 2. In Division 1 there are 7 rallies on the calendar. In the final settlement, participants may count their 6 best results, whereby they can enter a maximum of 1 result achieved in a pre-nominated round of Division 2. So, from a maximum of 8 nominated competitions (7 Division 1 and 1 Division 2), the 6 best results.

In Division 1, the RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5 and RGT classes score points, just like this year in the Kroon-Oil BRC.

In the Junior BRC, the 5 best results, achieved in 6 pre-nominated competitions, count, with a maximum of 1 result being achieved in Division 2. The Junior champion will receive an interesting tire package as a reward, just like the best classified Junior with a car from class RC5. More details on that later.


Optimal spread

When it comes to the choice of matches in Division 1, optimal distribution, both geographically and on the calendar, and this season’s reports were taken into account.

Just like this season, the Rally van Haspengouw (24/2) opens the season in Division 1, after which in April the Rally van Wallonia (27-28/4) is the first two-day race on the calendar. The specific mixed course of the Season Rally (18/5) presents a challenge in May, after which the first half of the season concludes with the Ardeca Ypres Rally on June 21-22. After the summer break, the second half of the season starts with the A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen (6-7/9) in Roeselare, followed by the East Belgian Rally in Sankt-Vith (28/9) and the grand finale of the season in the Spa Rally on November 23 and 24.

In short, a calendar that is optimally spread over the year. The participants can also expand their program with one pre-selected Division 2 round.

The BRC Promoter and the RACB are working on an exciting calendar in Division 2. More about that soon. We can already announce that there are many tires to be won per competition in D1 and D2, while premiums can also be earned in all classes in the form of discounts on registrations for the next competition. To make participation in the national championship even more interesting, a day license is also being introduced in various classes.

In short, behind the scenes the BRC Promoter, the Federation and their partners are working hard to offer the participants an attractive and interesting Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship 2024. A championship that guarantees a high level and excitement, with a maximum number of title candidates.

Calendar subject to signing the event contract with the BRC Promoter