Lappi and part time WRC drivers – A look at Rally Sweden


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So what can we say about WRC rally Finland by now?

You know, Esapekka Lappi and Janne Fern took their first victory in years,

breaking records, a fantastic drive for them.

And it’s one of those things where we always knew

Lappi had the pace and he’s got a great, great character,

always looking forward to his end of stage interviews.

He’s always got something to say.

If you’ve seen the Hyundai Motorsport Instagram

post of an Indiana and a sauna celebrating in a very Finnish way, you know,

there is a good bit of character there and it’s really good also to see now

this personality coming through in

the high and social media.

But it’s great to see them.

It’s all a partial program this year, wasn’t in Monaco, had a really good road position.

This rally, we saw an awful lot of snow,

very difficult conditions, and he overcame them.

He used his very position and he was also able to hang

on where champions and challengers were not.

So it was a very, very good drive.

And if we look at what he did last year,

Sweden, it his seventh year before third is good in these conditions.

Also finished second with Citroen in 2019.

It is a fast rally and we know he’s good and it’s always good podium contender.

And as we go forward and we see more and more this year

with both Toyota and Hyundai having part time drivers,

we are potentially seeing more energized drivers as well.

If we look at the past year and Kalle Rovenpera

and past champions in a variety of sports,

we’re seeing very intense competition coming more and more.

And this is probably affecting this is tiring,

particularly for very elite athletes who have to train a lot.

The pressure is immense.

And so if we have these people, you know, half season or a partial season,

they get to enjoy it more,

they’re more energized and they’ll be able to, in theory, bring more

consistent results to their team While the front running guys

are battling for the championship.

So will we see more of this, like as we saw with seeing Danny?

So to do the same excel as a part time driver, he comes in, he does

the job where it’s needed so we can might see more of this into the future.

Obviously didn’t work so well for Toyota.

Both in Monaco and and here.

But now as we move forward, it’s two nil to Hyundai in the WRC

and so they’re off to Europe, potentially the strongest start

that they’ve had for quite some time as they try to go

for the championship.

Next up is Kenya.

So obviously an extremely different round for the championship.

For the championship contenders.

Another one, hopefully Takamoto Head soon

will be looking to get revenge for his Sweden off.

Don’t forget, he finished second there last year

and we’re seeing excellent pace from the Japanese driver.

So what will be next? We don’t know.

As we saw in Sweden, we had a lot of a few tactics potentially.

Maybe Terry actually had some problems.

But if he had problems or if it was tactical, he took some road position.

And as we know in Kenya,

there is a lot of fresh faces, a lot of these very find us.

So maybe we’ll see a little bit of tactics there.

Again, coming in the next rally.

We’ll have to wait and see, but make sure you stay tuned to for more.