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Sam Tickellfb-art twitter Editor & Founder Sam founded Racer Views to showcase the positive side of motorsport.  He has been involved in the motorsport media industry since 2004. Sam has gained extensive experience in the Australian motorsport game, something that evolves with every new event.Sam’s emphasis is placed on the artistic side of the sport to highlight the unique attributes of speed and design that the sport offers.  Sam has handled various assignments from gallery shoots, shooting for sponsor and driver needs and purely for fun and experimentation.In the current media climate, Sam has adapted to be able to provide full journalism, publicity and social media options to all clients to support his strong history in photography.  Sam has worked with other industry bodies, including MotoDestino, Gold Coast Indy, Rally Australia and Dark Horse Racing.  Away from the track, Sam works in the University sector in Australia, currently working in a corporate communications role providing assistance for senior management and regional journalists and their media needs.
Andrew Hendersonfb-art internet17 USA Lead Photographer Andrew Henderson has had an extensive career in motorsport photography has spanned more than 20 years.  Recently, Andrew has specialised in sportscar racing, becoming a team photographer in the ALMS.  He has an extensive history in motorsport, having shot his first F1 Grand Prix – the British GP at the age of 16.  Added to that, he was a crew chief when IMSA rules the sportscar world and his hand built 1:43 scale models adorn the shelves of a few famous drivers.He previously worked with Sam in previous motorsport projects and joined Racer Views at its commencement.Andrew has continued to refine his art in the sport and via his organisation – Speed Captured Photography.  He also has a background in IT which provides a individual flavour to his photos.
Simon Phillipstwitterinternet17


Photographer Hello my name is Simon Phillips I am 25 y.o. and the brand name of SDP Photographics I’m a professional motorsports photographer. My passion is with the motorbikes as I’ve been around them a lot longer than cars as I used to be a rider and wanted to get into racing but after a accident it forced me to think about another route so I choose photography as this still allows me to be around what I love. The Car side is something different for me that I don’t know to much about at the moment but this will grow with time, I do like shooting cars as you can get away with angles and settings you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with the motorbikes. I’d really like to get into doing some track days in the future in my own car but until then I’ll gladly stay behind the lens
Johannes Brockfb-art internet17 Germany Photographer

Hi There!

My Name is Johannes Brock. I’m a German photographer with a passion for Motorsports pictures. Please contact me for any further informations about my work!

I work with Canon Products:

Canon 5D Mark III + Batteriegriff
Canon L 85mm F1.2 USM II
Canon L 100mm F2.8 Makro IS USM
SIGMA 15mm 2.8 Fisheye
Canon L 17-40 F4 USM
Canon L 24-105 F4 IS USM
Canon L 70-200 F2.8 IS II USM
Canon L 100-400 F4.5-5.6 IS USM
Canon EF 50 1.8 II
Canon Speedlite 580 EXII
Manfrotto Carbon Stativ + Panoramakugelkopf
LEE Filtersystem + Big Stopper

Jim Fonseca West Coast USA Lead Photographer Jeff started to work for RacerViews in 2011 after working with Sam in previous projects. Jim has a long history in motorsports, having shot Indycars and sportscars over the previous decades.
Leonard Smithfb-art internet17 Australian Motorcycle Lead Photographer
Michael Ford Australian State and National Photographer and Journalist
Steve Sziklai Hungarian Photographer Steve joined the  MotoPhotoHub in 2011 all the way from Hungary!Steve started following racing in 1993 and has been a very active race fan since 1996, with the highlight being the opportunity to attend the 1996 Indy 500.Steve attended the Long Beach GP every year – 1997 through 2005 – and has enjoyed attending many other American venues  such as Laguna Seca and Fontana.

In 2005 Steve moved to Hungary and has since been to the Hungarian F1 GP every year since.

He is a huge racing fan and collects all the racing souvenirs such as; all the race tickets he’s been too, program guides, die cast models of all sizes and more!  Being a photographer he also prints enlargements of some of his best work and has the pleasure of meeting the drivers at the autograph sessions for them to sign his work.

While Steve doesn’t consider himself a “professional photographer” he enjoys taking pictures and sharing them with everyone who enjoys racing.


Past RacerViews people

Jamey Price Photographer Jamey Price, is a Charlotte, North Carolina based photographer who has extensive experience working alongside the industry’s best through internships with the Charlotte Observer, Danville Advocate Messenger and through his continued freelance work with a variety of wire services covering a diverse assortment of sporting events around the globe.Jamey’s work as a sports photojournalist has been defined by his experiences as an athlete. Having competed through his four years at Centre College as a varsity swimmer, he now competes in the occasional triathlon and can frequently be found on the back of a race horse as a steeplechase horse racing jockey. With over 40 races and 11 wins to his riding career, Jamey is no stranger to the highs and lows of life as an athlete.Jamey’s unique and award winning work has been featured around the globe in print and online  publications such as The Racing Post, F1 Racing Magazine, Autosport.com, the Charlotte Observer, SouthPark Magazine and the Chronicle of the Horse.  He joined Racer Views at its inception and more of Jamey’s work can be found at www.jameypricephoto.comJamey has gone onto other projects which include LAT and Getty.  We are proud that he started his professional event was with RacerViews.
Stig Richards Driver columnist Having driven sporadic motoring events since 2000 Stig did the Dutton Rally NSW in 2005 and realised he wasn’t rubbish when competing against some genuine talent. In 2006 he (jointly) won the NSW WRX Sprint Championship, in 2007 and 2008 he won B class championships in the PRB Series and in 2009 narrowly missed out on the A Class crown. In 2010 he used up all my bad luck and in 2011 am back racing in various rounds of various series.  Driving the Bundaberg backed Lotus Exige S in the Vodka 0 Australian GT Championship he has achieved great results against the more fancied Porsche rivals, achieving multiple podium results.
Brian Alder Photographer & Social Media administrator Long time motorsport fan, Brian picked up the camera a few years ago. Australian based V8 enthusiast Brian was welcomed to the squad in 2012. After working with Sam in previous organisations, Brian assists with keeping our social networks up to date along with providing world class pictures on RacerViews.
Gail Shankland Photographer Gail Shankland joined Racer Views at it inception and is also part of the Moto Photo Hub group of photographers.Gail got her first taste of Motorsport photography in 2003 when she attended the Saturday events of the Molson Indy Toronto. From that time forward, it has been Gail’s personal goal to deliver what she calls “what women want”.Being Gail’s first live racing experience, she was shocked to see the staggering difference between driver photos as portrayed on TV and the real men behind the wheel. Gail feels strongly that the racing series and their teams are not promoting or portraying their real “assets” very well, and is convinced there would be many more women seriously interested in motorsports if only the photographers out there could capture the real “spirit”, not to mention the charm and good looks, of the men beneath the helmets!After her eye-opening experience in Toronto, Gail decided it was time to bring real focus to hers and Iain’s photography and to pursue better opportunities to have their work published with respected outlets.Since that time Gail is proud to have contributed as a photographer to Flagworld.com, PaddockTalk.com, Automobilsport.com, ChampCar-Racing.com, Fast Machines.com, Carpentier.ca and AndreasWirth.com.Gail’s vision has opened new doors of opportunity, and she currently works with young up-and-comer, Andreas Wirth, of Germany not only in photography but as his Media, Public Relations and Promotions Consultant.While Gail still loves the thrill of motorsport photography, she is always keenly interested in her husband’s efforts as Flagworld.com’s Assistant Photo Editor and Feature Automotive Writer and is devoted to provide encouragement … so long as he continues to listen to her opinions.
Iain Shankland Photographer Iain Shankland also joined Racer Views at its inception. He previously became Photo Editor of PaddockTalk.com back in January of 2005. Since that time he’s been working diligently to gather an elite group of very talented professional photographers who now form MPH – the Motorsport Photography Hub. Together with his team, Iain is currently working with the very well-respected motorsport news website, Flagworld.com2011 marks Iain’s 11th anniversary in Motorsport Photography and he fondly remembers his first year, where he became an accredited photographer covering the Molson Indy Toronto events.2003 brought about a turning point for Iain when his wife Gail attended the Molson Indy Toronto on the Saturday.Seeing her passion for motor-racing suddenly evolve, he saw a way to attend more races by following her ‘female viewpoint’ – “get more women interested in the sport, and more guys will get to more races”!Since that time, Iain has been a contributing photographer to websites such as Flagworld.com, ChampCar-Racing.com, FastMachines.com, PaddockTalk.com and Automobilsport.comIain is very proud to have a selection of his photos published on individual driver’s websites including SebastienBourdais.com, PaulTracy.ca AndreasWirth.com, Carpentier.ca and JonathanSummerton.com.In addition to his passion for motorsport, Iain has loved cars in general from an early age. Since January of 2006 he has been reviewing consumer vehicles and has acted as Road Test Editor for three popular motorsport websites. With well over 120 road test reviews, Iain has what he describes as “The Perfect job.”
Peter Bukowski Photographer Having joined the MPH team in 2008, Peter has enjoyed shooting at some of the great tracks in the USA.While he considers Road America to be his home track, he has also shot at Mid-Ohio, The Milwaukee Mile, Chicagoland Speedway, and for the first time in 2012, Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca.Peter supports his racing/photography efforts as a client service representative for a Financial Advisor in Lake County Illinois.
Ash Miller Driver columnist and podcast cohost Ever since he was young, Ashley Miller dreamed of racing cars. After catching coverage of the 1995 European Grand Prix on television, the captivating excitement and entertainment of motor racing, in particular Formula One, enthralled him. Miller’s career begun with the purchase of a second hand DAP chassis off a family friend. Kicking off his competitive racing career in 2000, Ashley managed to clinch second place in the Gold Coast Kart Club Club Championship on his maiden attempt. Since that time Ash has achieved great success in MX-5 racing winning state and national titles. In fact he resoundingly brushed off all challenges to win every round of the 2010 CUE One Hour Endurance Championship, an unbeaten run that saw him not only wrap up the Class E title easily, but punched the MX5 into 2nd overall for the series, amongst a plethora of Lotus’, Porsches, BMW’s and even a Ferrari or two in 2010.
Jeff Kapic Photographer Jeff’s passion of motorsports and photography were heavily influenced by his father. Growing up in the 70’s watching Formula 1 and Indy Car races on TV together. Models of race cars on the book shelf’s at home. A legendary picture given to him of Hans Stuck jumping his BMW during the 1974 6 hours at the Nurburgring in Germany remained on his wall for years to come. And, later becoming one of his Dad’s many subjects during his photography classes. It is experiences like these that have forever ingrained Jeff with the desire to capture and share the artistic, mechanical and human involvement in motorsports.Jeff calls Northern California home. With such world class race tracks within a short drive, such as Infineon Raceway or Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, there are plenty of wonderful photographic opportunities waiting to be found.Having photographed motorsports since the 80’s, it wasn’t until 2005 that he began sharing his work with the world. With the never ending support and love of his wife, Jeff really started to push his craft in 2008. He was accepted by MPH mid season in 2009 and is looking forward to 2010 and beyond with the team. He will also be expanding his schedule to include Southern California, Utah and possibly more
Brett Middleton Driver columnist Managing Director at MRT Performance would be a big enough role for anyone. Over the years, he has built it up to be an industry leader in Australia. On top of his role he also manages and drives for his MRT Rally team, campaigning a Subaru Forester in the 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship. In the past he has competed in cars such as Group A Subaru Imprezza, Honda Civic Formula 2 rally car – taking class titles and overall wins along the way.c

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