About us


This page will be an ever evolving FAQ about us.  Lets start with a few tidbits

– First of all, we love motorsport. All kinds of motorsport and unlike other websites and forums around, we are here to boost motorsport.  You won’t find endless negative articles here.  What you will find is people passionately talking about what they do.  People taking the best pictures of a sport they love.  People trying to enhance and drive forward the sport.

– We aren’t You Tube or ALMS Fans.  We do like your input on Racer Views and we encourage you to comment on our articles.  What we don’t  want is constant negativity without a real argument to back it up.  We don’t want comments that attack other commenters.  We don’t want comments that make us wonder if you’re literate (yes you can tell between someone whose native tongue isn’t English and someone who isn’t trying).  What we do want in intelligent comments, well thought out questions.  Criticism is welcome but narky or nonsensical comments will be treated appropriately.  We approve each comment so don’t be surprised if your comment doesn’t appear for a while – or if we don’t like it, not at all.

We all have other jobs. We pretty much do this for the love of it.  We probably won’t get rich from this.  Or get paid.  But we love it.

– Yes there can be a place for you hereCheck this page.

– Yes we do like to partner with companiesAgain check this page.

I have a question I want to ask, can I contact you without it being public? – Yes, check this page.

I want to purchase a photo – can I?  Yes you certainly can, well most of the time.  Some photographers and series won’t allow us to sell photos.  Please contact us for more information – and before you ask, yes, the photographer will get 100% of the fee for the photo.

I like one of your stories and would like to get in contact with the journalist – can I?  Most likely – yes.  Contact us and we’ll try to get it sorted for you.

I like your site who helped set it up?  The kind people at Opensure helped us out.

– I like your site but I want news too.  Well others do news better than we ever could!  We recommend Flag World,  Moto Race Reports and Feedmesportscars