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We are looking for people to partner with us!

I’m an organisation looking to advertise

We connect directly with motor racing fans around the world.  Advertising with us means you won’t have any wastage by showing your ads to people who have little interest in this area.  Additionally we don’t use any advertising structure where we don’t have 100% control of the content.  So on Racer Views you’ll only find ads that will benefit you – none of those internet games here!

We also pledge to reinvest at least 50% of your advertising spend on direct marketing for the site – meaning that your money will be used to drive more visitors to this site – further enhancing the return on your investment.

We have various advertisement opportunities, including but not limited to:

–       Site partner

–       Photo or interview presenting partner

–       Photo or interview posting partner

We can cater for all budgets and we are willing to try new ideas to get your name out there.  Contact us for more.

I’m a driver or member of the team and want to tell my story

We have a variety of opportunities for drivers and team members at Racer Views.  You can have a regular column with us or a one-off interview or if you have other ideas on how you would like to partner with us, please let us know.

Being a driver or team member and partnering with us does have its advantages.  We will allow you to present your articles with your sponsors names, logos and links – providing important coverage.  It will also allow you to directly connect with fans both on the site and via our social channels.

I’m a photographer/journalist looking to partner with you

We are always looking for new people to join our team.  We may not be able to provide financial payment but if we do agree to partner, you will get your photos, interviews or racer feature published with us.  This can provide important progress in university assignments or provide published articles/photos to get your next assignment.  You don’t have to be a professional or by studying to work with us – all you need is a passion – and some previous work to show.  We have standards to keep!

If you  would like more information or have any enquirers, please contact us.

One thought on “Partner with RV

  1. Gday
    Firstly great to see another motorsport site based in oz that gets the word out. If you haven’t seen mine yet head over
    I only focus on grass roots around oz + nz but was looking to see if you’d like to partner up in 2012. Utilising both of our reports. I am currently working on getting the online mag into category / international based, like you not in it for the money and do it by myself with the assistance of like minded media.

    I am also the truck racing media organisation (will be coming to qld x 2 this year) if you’d like some reports later on in the coming months also.

    Let me know what you think ?
    Only a suggestion that I thought could benefit both parties. My stats atm average 5000+ unique views each month.

    Kindest Regards
    Brendan Leenders
    “Torquing Media”
    “Ripple Strip”

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