F1 Racing from Monaco – Twitter had plenty to say

Nico Rosberg played the chess game well, taking the win at Monaco (Photo: Mercedes)
Nico Rosberg played the chess game well, taking the win at Monaco (Photo: Mercedes)
With the biggest race of the F1 calendar – Monaco – having been run and won, we have a massive post race update from Twitter for you!
Lets start with the helmets 🙂
Fortunately this came to nothing, perhaps other more important things got in the way
The internet is at it again – classic
You’ll never get closer to the car than at Monaco
Which can be bad, particularly when Romain is around
It is also the place where you can’t get further away from the cars
The walls are close from the cockpit too…your lap with Alonso
The place is timeless. Senna racing 20 years ago
Or we can go back even further
There was other racing at Monaco with the two Sebs from the WRC going head to head. For the record Ogier won out over Loeb
GP2 didn’t have a great run, with this start line crash
Your thoughts Romain?
While on the other side of the Atlantic, the feeder series – Indy Lights did this
Though the local wild life wasn’t scared of the GP2 machines
Massa destroyed his car in practice
And did the same in the race
Rosberg was quick all weekend
And Van Der Garde had a career high weekend too – a needed boost for Caterham
Come the race though and it was another hard one for Caterham
Romain got on with business
He has paid for it
Trying to improve on a few years ago
Maldonado also had a crash but this one wasn’t his fault
Though this was a pot/kettle situation
Perez was also at it, to the chagrin of Kimi
But in the end it was Nico who did it all
And 30 years after Keke
Not a truer statement
Your results
Your pointless stat
And then the controversy
You know we could get these guys back…how about a tyre war? Brdgestone vs Michelin? Anyone?
While this wouldn’t surprise me, it would awful. I for one love Caterham and Marussia. Don’t forget, someone has to finish last.
Though this would be good. But it has to be free – YOU LISTENING MOTOGP AND V8 SUPERCARS???

Compiled by Sam Tickell, May 2013

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