We take a trip up Pikes Peak

Seb Loeb negotiates Pikes Peak in his Peugeot 208 T16
Seb Loeb negotiates Pikes Peak in his Peugeot 208 T16
Pikes Peak holds something special in the motorsport world. Yes there are many mountains that we race up, but this mountain is special. This year it was 100% tarmac for the first time, a move that is questionable at best but don’t let that deter you. Whether on tarmac or on dirt, there are monstrous cars that turn up. They put in massive speeds in their race to the clouds. This year we saw a car/driver/technology combination that we never see in racing – save for a M.Schumacher Ferrari. The Loeb/Peugeot was custom built. And it showed.

All I have to say to this is: 8:13. To put that into context, Rhys McMillen put in a 9:03 for second. The commentators were wondering at the end of the run if Loeb had broken the magical 9 minute mark. That was the power of this run. He smashed the barrier. Gravel or not, you need to respect that.

So yes, we focus on Loeb, but Hyundai was there too and Rhys McMillen came in second, just missing the 9 minute mark
Hyundai also had Paul Dallenbach there too, though he had a tough run, though we have to say that if Hyundai look half as good for their WRC entry, it will be awesome
Though it wasn’t a good weekend for everyone
Bikes are also there, making it a quite diverse spectacle
Lexus prove that there is still room for a sense of humour on the Mountain
Monster Tajima was back setting records, but in an electric car
Yes, it may have lost some of its luster by going to tarmac, but we got over chicanes in the Mulsanne, we got over the bus stop at Spa…It’s still awesome. For those who love Climb Dance and Ari Vatanen in the Peugeot 405 -this is for you. We look forward to whatever Peugeot will present to us this year!

Compiled by Sam Tickell, July 2013

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