#F1 – the British GP as seen by Twitter

Lewis Hamilton took pole and looked good for a home win, until his tyre went boom (Photo: Mercedes)
Lewis Hamilton took pole and looked good for a home win, until his tyre went boom (Photo: Mercedes)


The British GP was all about one thing…tyres. Again. I don’t know about you but I am pretty bored of people complaining about tyres. They have been complaining since before Pirelli got here and it just goes on and on. Perhaps, though at Silverstone, it was fair. Four pretty spectacular tyre blow outs. Dangerous stuff. But who takes responsibility? Pirelli of course. Their name is on the side of them. But what about the wider F1 world? Afterall, F1 wanted to spice up the racing, F1 wanted to go to a single tyre supplier, F1 wanted to ban testing and F1 wanted Pirelli. It is of course a two way street. Problem is now, with this and how it has happened, no one would blame Pirelli for pulling out – and who would be crazy enough to replace them?

But more on that later. For now, congrats to Nico and Mercedes

Though it almost was taken away
Force India and Lotus looked good for a podium but missed the strategy on the final part of the race
The F1 gods were looking out for the Championship when Vettel’s gearbox broke. In true British style, they gave Vettel a hearty…errr….cheer
It was also a great weekeend for Toro Rosso, though they also fell back after the last safety car
Max Chilton was also popular at his home race
And now the tyres. Scroll past it, there is a nice bit that is NOT about tyres at the end 🙂
See there is something to scroll down for! First – McLaren’s Tooned is back!
And a blast from the past – this is cool
And yes, it probably has more uses to be honest
Congrats Silverstone. Your crowd attendance is awesone

Compiled by Sam Tickell, July 2013

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