Has pace but not luck but a Stingray GT3 beckons for Andreas Wirth



We caught up with a friend of RacerViews – Andreas Wirth.  Wirth is piloting the #3 Callaway Corvette this year, has had another tough season.  The former race winner has found so much of the pace that was lacking in the Corvette but his luck still is terrible.  Over the last two rounds, he has been in a position to take a podium, handing the over to his teammate, Christian Hohenadel in a genuine third.  In luck that is typical for Andreas, the car would fall after a bizarre incident where Hohenadel hit his teammate on the first corner out of the pits.  The race was ruined.  In the second Nurburgring race, the car was turned around and he fell to 9th after a strong start.

In Austria, Wirth was in third before the pitstops, we held up for a lap by blatant blocking lost him time.  After the stops, Hohenadel was caught up in a racing incident but the stewards saw it differently and penalised the car.  The incident was much the same as what happened in the Nurburgring – where the Corvette was pitched into a spin but no one was penalised.  Here the Corvette took a penalty, ruining the race. Out of four races, they only scored a handful of points – particularly disappointing when podiums were on offer.

All is not lost however as Wirth, together with Callaway will develop the Stingray GT3 which will debut next year.  It could have the possibility of racing around the world in major endurance events (including Bathurst!) in 2015.

We talk with Andreas about the racing, the stewarding in ADAC GT Masters, his role with the Stingray GT3 and where we could see him race in the future.

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Interview by Sam Tickell, June 2013

Pictures by Johannes Brock

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