5 big companies that support racing in smaller series


Undoubtedly some of the best racing you will ever see won’t be seen on TV – rather you have to go to the track or watch out for replays weeks later.  But series that aren’t topline – i.e. F1, V8 Supercar, Nascar etc pull in their fair share of big companies.  Sometimes they are there because of the owner, sometimes a franchisee will help a local driver or just sometimes, they are there because it makes economic sense.

Here are some examples.

1. Toshiba


The electronics giant are present in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge – the second string Porsche series in Australia.  They are there courtesy of Michael Almond and his family business – but they get good bang for buck with Almond winning races…

2. McDonalds


McDonalds – we used to see them with Sebestian Bourdais in Champ Car.  Now local a Toowoomba franchisee has brought the name back to open wheelers with F3 and Ben Gersekowski

3. Valvoline


On a Mazda MPS in the Australian Manufacturers Championship.  The company supported Gary Rogers Motorsport for years but here we see them in a well turned out production car…

4. Motorola


We head to North America here – most of these guys have more money than most of us will ever dream of having but in a Ferrari series they can pull the big names and Motorola came out to play.

5. Bundaberg Drinks


Bundaberg Drinks – famous for their rum were sponsoring almost all Australian motorsport a few years back, including Tim Poulton and Stig Richards in the Australian GT Championship.  That other sponsor is pretty cool too 😉

Compiled by Sam Tickell, August 2013

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