We take a look at #F1 at Spa through the eyes of Twitter



We take a look back at the Spa Formula 1 Grand Prix with our innovative RaceTweet feature – looking at the race through your eyes and your posts on Twitter. It was a race that promised a lot but really failed to deliver. After a thrilling qualifying we got what we expect from Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton. It wasn’t a bad race but lacked some of the drama that we expected and some of the drama that we saw in the WRC and MotoGP rounds over the weekend…
Seriously the tyre talk is beyond boring, but the Michelin talk is heating up. Though it might be a couple of years until we get 18″ wheels, Michelin will demand different things to Pirelli, the sport will be different. I bet there will still be complaining of some sort, however.

The wet qualifying threw up some surprises, particularly for the poor teams

There was a lot of talk about Greenpeace vs Shell. Shell as the title sponsor is doing arctic drilling, which isn’t so pleasant for the region, according to Greenpeace. There were some calls to not associate what Shell are doing with F1, that there needed to be extra security for this occurrence. Unfortunately when you accept money from a company like this and you command a massive TV audience, there is no split. Greenpeace got booed but they got a point across. Was it sensible to protest? Only Greenpeace can answer that. Is it a PR disaster – probably not. I would imagine it is all in a day’s work for a company like Shell. Did it raise awareness for Greenpeace? Yes, without doubt. Did it create a sentiment they wanted? Perhaps, probably not. Will it stop F1 or Shell? I doubt it.

Back to the racing. Alonso fell foul of the rain in qualifying but was mega in the race. A few others could learn from him

Check the speed!

But he had practice – from 2009

Despite the tyre smoke, they got through turn 1 this year

But no one could get to Vettel who once again proved his and Red Bull’s class

And this is just cool

By Sam Tickell, August 2013

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