Gift ideas: We look at Schlegelmilch’s Grand Prix: Fascination Formula 1


For me, Grand Prix: Fascination Formula 1 is one of the best photography essays in existence – not just for Grand Prix racing but for any subject.  Author and photographer, Rainer W. Schlegelmilch is one of photography role models, and it is books like this that spurred me onto perusing my passion behind the lens.  As such this book sits proudly on my shelf.

This book was originally released in 1995 and details Schlegelmilch’s first 25 years in F1 – from the late 60s to the early 90s  This is a must have for any F1 fan, particularly those who grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s and still considers F1 of those times to the golden age(s) of the sport.  You will never find a better book of photos.

The book is divided by cars (year by year), drivers, technical, sponsors and fans.  Not only do you get to see the beautiful F1 cars on classic tracks but you also get a view of the drivers and teams that you would have never seen before.  It is one of those books that doesn’t go into depth about technical elements, driver movements or what not from season to season.  That is not its intent.  It gives you stunning imagery and base information on what was going on at the time in the sport.

Language is not a problem here either with English, French, German and Spanish all being present it its 400 pages.

This book presents photos they way they should be – in high gloss, print, with a story around them.  You’ll have the opportunity to see so many photos that have been stolen for Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest.  You get to see the photos just as the photographer intended.

I can highly recommend this book – agreeing with reviews on Amazon which gave it an average of 5 stars!  Given its age, there are few copies remaining but the Amazon Marketplace has 15 available (so don’t wait!)

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By Sam Tickell, December 2013

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