Australian GT: Greg Crick – “I am feeling pretty lucky”


Long time GT runner and 2006 Champion, Greg Crick returned to Australian GT presented by Pirelli, running this year after becoming ill after the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour. He is back with the JAMEC PEM Audi squad and Christopher Mies.  It has been a successful return, taking the win at the Phillip Island 101…
Sam Tickell - RV Aust GT crick216

Sam Tickell: Hi Greg. You are carrying the winner’s trophy after the Australian GT Championship Phillip Island 101. An amazing race with Chris Mies.  You had a hard race and fought through to win – what was the race like from your view?

Greg Crick: Look it was great.  The car was fantastic.  I was a bit slow in the first part of my stint because we were running to a strategy and half way through they gave me a hurry up call.  I got going and did good times at the end of my stint.  I have learnt a lot from today.  I haven’t done a lot of running in the Audi so I learnt a lot about the feel of the car and how you drive it so I think we are in good stead for the rest of the season.  Even though we have the tough pitstop times – we have the longest pitstop of anyone in the field, with a world class guy like Mies, we have a good change.  It fell our way today with a couple of safety cars – if we didn’t have safety cars we wouldn’t have won, we would have come second or third but that is the way it goes at the end of the day.

ST: How was it to jump in the Audi.  You have been here before with the Viper and with the Mercedes at Bathurst.  What was it like to drive the Audi?

GC: Very very different cars.  The Audi is totally aero and at my age – I am 60 going on 61 – to learn to drive an absolute aero car is a pretty big step.  The Mercedes was similar in feel to my Viper so I settled in it right away.  The Audi is a bit different but I have learnt quite a lot driving with Christopher and looking at his data.  I am getting used to the car.

ST: Are you enjoying your return to the GT Championship? You have success in the past but then went to the Touring Car Masters.

GC: Oh yes! It is fantastic to drive for the Melbourne Performance Centre guys.  The team is so well run, it is well engineered.  I love the GT cars and always have.  I got out of it as I couldn’t afford to run it anymore.  It was out of my league to go and get a new car and here I am at my age fortunate enough to jump in a new car with Christopher.  I am feeling pretty lucky especially after where I was last year [when he got very ill after the Bathurst 12 Hours].

ST: It is great to see you back and great to see you take your first GT win since 2012.

GC: Thank-you, it is great to be back.

By Sam Tickell, May 2015

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