Gallery: Historics and Slowly Sideways on Rally van Haspengouw


It was a cracking start to the Belgian Rally Championship over the weekend at the Rally van Haspengouw. In the main category it was an easy win for Kris Princen and Peter Kaspers. The Historic division also had its dominant car. 

In one way it is a wide open Championship after Paul Liater’s choice to do something different this year. It was a dominate by Guino Kenis with its BMW M3 E30. In second was the Ford drivers Nick Toorré and Arthur Kerkhove.

The competition was decided before the start. The debut of the new Ford Sierra RS Cosworth from Dirk Deveux was forced to be postponed because the businessman from Alken could not start with an injured back. Without his biggest competitor, Guino Kenis dominated from start to finish with his BMW M3 E30. He won with 5’14 “ahead of the second …

Also in action was a demonstration from the Slowly Sideways Belgium cars, always great to see historic machines in their original condition being driven on actual rally stages…

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