Kevin Hansen on Spa, the start of 2019 and a bad Saturday


The first day of the Benelux RX at Spa Francorchamps was a difficult one for the Hansen team. After winning both the first and second rounds of the Championship, the Peugeot 208s were down the bottom of the top 10.


But as driver, Kevin Hansen explains, it isn’t all bad news. There is a lot of luck that plays out in RX and the Hansen team were on the wrong end of it.

“I think we were a bit unlucky with the weather and the tyre. It is one day out of the Championship but I think we did a good job.

“Sunday will be dry – that is our favourite weather with this car so we will push hard for a repeat win,” Hansen said

Like most, however, they are a fan of the new track. Even by rallycross standards, it is a short track but the run through Eau Rouge, the tight hairpin at Radilion and back into the stadium section, with a lot of gravel and a banked corner has won over the drivers.

“It is really nice. We had some tricky conditions but that is the same for everyone!

“The layout is fast and flowing, with some proper gravel. It is a shame we don’t use the banking so much but hopefully we can use that in the future.”

In the end though, the Hansen team has capitalised well on a tough off season for both the Championship and themselves. Losing the factory Peugeot backing, it left them scrambling to get a team together and their announcement came a the 11th hour

“I am really grateful that we are in the paddock, it is a lot better than being at home!

“We have a great team and two great cars, when we put it together we are strong. We are doing well but there are many more races left in the season.”

Certainly they are to be feared this year. Last year, they were the only ones to beat Volkswagen and so far they are unbeaten. The contenders are strong though with Audi EKS, the GK Renaults and Gronholm Hyundais all looking to knock the Hansen Peugeots off the top in the chase for the 2019 World RX title.

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