Video: A look at the Ypres Rally at the end of day 1


We take a look at the order and what has happened at the end of day 1 of the Renties Ypres Rally…

The second loop saw things move round a little, with a puncture for Kevin Abbring (VW Polo) on the end of Hollebeke (SS 6) creating interest at the end of day 1. It was a stage that saw Abbring concede 10 seconds to Breen which also benefitted Kris Princen who took 2nd place, though Abbring charged to recover the position on by the last stage of the day. Though the Dutchman is now more than 24 seconds of the Irishman, who is clearly going for the win. “You have to roll with it, keep your head and keep up the pace,” commented Kevin on his return to Ypres. Sage words that will be needed tomorrow

Despite the gap Breen was determined to not lift the foot – leading by 3.10 seconds on SS5, 24.50 seconds just four stages later. It is a worthy indication that, the gap from the Polo from the first Porsche has gone from 1:52.00 after SS5, to 4:11.30 after SS9.

There were retirements for the Skodas of Kevin Van Deijne and Rhys Yates who was, at the time,, 6th overall and 1st of the British runners. They retired on SS6 and SS8 respectively. Other drivers from across the Channel have experienced setbacks on this loop, namely Matt Edwards (Ford Fiesta), who lost about 30 seconds with puncture, and Martin McCormack (Skoda Fabia), who suffered from the heat at the end of Kemmelberg (SS9). It was a bonus for Tom Cave (Hyundai i20), who is now the leader of the British Rally Championship, some 20 seconds ahead of McCormack. They lie 7th and 8th overall.

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