2nd becomes 1st in race 2 International GT Open at Silverstone + photos


There is still much more to come from another massive weekend of action for RacerViews. Here we have a great gallery from Paul Foster from the International GT Open at Silverstone. But first, lets learn about race 2…

Did you read about race 1?

It definitely was the weekend of Albert Costa and Giacomo Altoè, who took their second pole and second win at Silverstone at the wheel of the Emil Frey Racing Lamborghini. With this fourth success, the Spaniard and the Italian take a 17-points advantage in the overall standings ahead of the two final rounds of the season.

It wasn’t a triumphant win, though, as the Lambo pair actually crossed the line in second behind the teo Martín McLaren of Fran Rueda-Andrés Saravia, who became second when a 1-second penalty was inflicted to them for not serving the entire handicap during the pit stop. Norbert Siedler-Mikaël Grenier gave Emil Frey Racing more satisfaction, as they took another podium finish in a chaotic finale.

Frederik Schandorff and Tuomas Tujula signed their second success in Pro-Am, at the wheel of the VSR Lambo, while Miguel Sardinha-Antonio Da Costa (Sports&You Mercedes) doubled their Am success of yesterday.  

THE RACE – Costa controls everything from the pole at the start and leads ahead of Grenier, Crestani, Chaves, Rueda, Onslow-Cole, Turner, Visser and Tujula, while Ward is in the pits at the end of lap 1. Situation remains stable in the initial laps, except for Onslow-Cole who drops to P14 after making a spin. The gaps remain narrow, with the first six covered by 10 seconds by lap 7. In great shape, Griffin has climbed up to 7th, passing Zampieri, Tujula and Visser.  Cipriani leads in Am.

In lap 10, there is a contact between Giammaria and Leo, who fight for 12th, with the latter having to pit shortly after. In the lead, Costa cruises with an 8-second avantage on the competition, still led by Frenier, Crestani, Chaves, Rueda, Turner and Griffin.

End of lap 11 opens the window for driver change and after the changes, the situation is extremely close, with Saravia leading but having Altoè in his heels. Kodric third, only 3 seconds behind, together with Siedler, followed a couple of seconds behind by Wilkinson, then Ramos and Cameron. Battles for first and third are intense. Cipriani stops in the pits. Gonda passes Cameron for 7th.

Ten minutes from the end, Saravia gets a 1-second penalty (to be added to his time) because not having served the entire handicap. This makes the end of the race even more thrilling as his advantage on Altoè is stable at around 0.3 seconds.  As it will not change, the Italian wins the race, but last lap drama is behind the leaders as Kodrić, in third, slows down and gets sandwiched by Siedler and Wilkinson, as they try to pass him. In the Arena section, Ramos joins the trio but hits the McLaren, which spins and collects the Aston. Siedler takes third ahead of Visser, Ramos (who has received a 10-second penalty), Kodrić and Wilkinson. A lone Sardinha wins in Am.

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