The Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally on the main stage!


“One podium, one service park”

Two years ago, the Ypres Historic Rally returned to Ypres. In 2020, Club Superstage headquarters returns to the centre of Ypres, the Ypres Historic Rally will be even more prominent in the centre of the city. This time, the service park of the Ypres Historic Rally will also be located on and around the Markt, just like that of the modern Renties Ypres Rally. In addition, all cars will run on the same start and finish stage on the Markt.

Fans of historic rallying will be able to see them again in the Ypres Rally

For the first time in a long time, the Ypres Historic Rally will not be part of the European Championship.

“We have taken note of the FIA’s decision to include other rallies on the calendar for the European Championship. The FIA prefers separate Historic events while at the same time we are organising the modern Renties Ypres Rally in Ypres,” declares Alain Penasse, the president of Club Superstage. “From an organisational point of view, we now present one large Ypres Historic Rally, because we no longer have to divide the starting field into a national and FIA section.”

The organiser of the Ypres Historic Rally is not immediately concerned about the international aspect. The glorious history of the Ypres Rally speaks for itself. That past, the wonderful memories that many drivers have of their participation in Ypres and the unique surrounds with the cozy atmosphere of the Market in Ypres are part of the attraction of the event.

“We are sure that on 26 and 27 June 2020 we will be able to present an internationally high-quality starting field again in the Ypres Historic Rally. Many foreign drivers do not want to miss Ypres. Moreover, the top Belgians will be present again, especially now that the Historic field is included in the central service park and the Historical cars will drive on the same start and finish stage, “Alain Penasse concludes.

Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally

The next three years it is the “Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally”. The industrial flooring specialist from Passendale links his name to the competition.

“Dennis Degroote, Bernard’s son and co-manager, ran a rally himself and last year we showed our car on the Grote Markt in Ypres,” says Steven Dedrie, co-manager of the company that installs polished concrete. “Many of our customers are located in the Ieper-Roeselare-Kortrijk triangle. Around Ypres there are many companies that belong to our target group and some of our customers are active in the rally sport. Hence our choice to give our company‚Äôs name to the Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally. “