Queensland Rally Championship outlines 2020 comeback


A letter from the QRAP Chariman regarding the 2020 Queensland Rally Championship

Exciting News! It looks like we are back!

After a huge amount of work by Motorsport Australia, Paul Woodward State Council Chairman and the Board and Organisers of Brisbane Sporting Car Club we have an emerging pathway to getting back to Rally – but it will have some changes we are all going to have to deal with,

Firstly let me announce our Proposed Calendar for 2020;

August 1st – KCF Short Course Rally at Benarkin (A to B)
Sept 19th – QRC 1 – Imbil
Oct 31st – QRC 2 Manumbar
There may also be a Multi Club Rally on July 11th, but that is yet to be confirmed.

To make this happen there will be some stringent measures brought in to comply with all the Government requirements for Covid 19 management.

The full details of how these measures will affect Event Organisers, Officials, Competitors and Service Crews are available in the Motorsport Australia “Return to Race” documents which can be accessed by this link: https://motorsport.org.au/covid-19?fbclid=IwAR2qnyMoYM6zEeQJLL1xL0afZiN4715piJAdqEqlKyFkSmmibu8DYksQraQ

This document and all of the pages that can be downloaded from it will be your Bible on how we are going to Rally for the foreseeable future until the Covid Emergency is under control. Please download this document and all of the included downloads AND READ THEM! (Yes, even you Drivers 🤔).

The Organisers of all the above Rallies have a huge job in front of them to make sure the events are compliant, and they do not breach any Social Distancing or Covid 19 requirements on the Day. Each event has to have a Compliance Officer appointed to make sure everything is done right so that we can go Rallying, and uphold the good name that our sport has.

This is going to mean a whole new level of Self Accountability for Competitors and Teams, along with new procedures and documents. The emphasis will be on you not to stuff it up for the rest of the sport. (The ARC has been working this way for the past 2 seasons, so it’s nothing new really)

Some of the things that will affect you directly as a Competitor include:
* Self Scrutiny of your vehicles and submission of a Statement of Vehicle Compliance. (If your vehicle is found later to be non compliant and you have declared it is, you will be in a spot of bother)
* No Spectators at events
* Limited numbers of personnel allowed in Service areas
* No Trophy Presentations
* No Camping allowed at the venues (Get In, Race and Get out)
* Electronic Documentation Lodgment
* No Physical Contact with Organisers, Officials or other Competitors

This will be all a bit different, but it will mean we get to get out into the Forests and again Rally.

Watch this space for more information as we get things moving, but PLEASE – read the Return to Rally so you understand how it’s all going to work.

WOO HOO! We’re going Rallying again – Bring it on!

Gerard McConkey
QRAP Chairman