Citroen announce global Rally2 crews


Citroën Racing remains centre stage in the rallying world with the performances of C3 Rally2. WRC2 World Champion and European Champion in 2020, the Red Army’s ultimate customer racing machine has established itself with authority as the leading car of its class. Competing once again this season in the WRC2 and the ERC, C3 Rally2 will also be racing in 17 countries across Europe and the Americas. C3 Rally2 has proven its competitiveness time and time again, its impressive record standing at more than eighty wins, the last of which was secured by Ricardo Cordero at Rally Colima in Mexico in March. Having claimed wins both on fast and demanding courses, C3 Rally2 has become one of the most versatile and reliable cars in its category.

2020 Rallye Monte Carlo and WRC drivers and media zone. Shot by Sam Tickell for RacerViews.com2020 Rallye Monte Carlo and WRC drivers and media zone. Shot by Sam Tickell for

Competitive on its early outings, winning the Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières in April 2018, C3 Rally2 has recently been fitted with various upgrades thanks to the experience and expertise of Citroën Racing’s technicians. Chassis and suspension, shock absorbers, engine software, brake balance control and aerodynamics have all been studied and revised to squeeze a little bit more performance out of the car, while also ensuring it keeps the same reliability, operating costs and ease of use. Evidently, in order to meet the expectations of the #C3Rally2Family drivers, the upgrades provided in the 2021 Kit may be adapted to all C3 Rally2s. In a sector that is as competitive as the world of racing, the Citroën Racing teams will pursue development work on C3 Rally2 over the next few months.

Competing in the upper echelons of the rally pyramid with Mads Østberg and Sean Johnston in the WRC2, as well as Yohan Rossel, Eric Camilli and Nicolas Ciamin in the WRC3, C3 Rally2 is equally preparing to play a leading role in the European championship with Alexey Lukyanuk, the defending champion, and Yoann Bonato. In addition to its international campaigns, C3 Rally2 will also be competing in fifteen national championships throughout Europe, as well as making its much-anticipated début in the Americas at the FIA NACAM, Mexican and Chilean championships. In the French Rally Championship, stalwarts Yoann Bonato and Jean-Baptiste Franceschi will be joined by the returning Mathieu Arzeno, winner of the 2017 French Rally Cup, as well as by Pierre Roché and William Wagner, who are both determined to make the most the experience acquired last year to aim even higher in this, their second season in the C3 Rally2.



Mayeul Tyl, Peugeot Citroën Racing Shop Manager:

“After making a winning start to its competitive career, C3 Rally2 wasted no time in convincing many drivers of its qualities, both in terms of performance and how easy it is to drive. Whether you are a talented youngster, an ambitious racer or a gentleman driver, you now have a car that meets all of your needs. We are all proud to see C3 Rally2 compete again in the WRC2 and the ERC this year, as well as in some of the biggest national championships in Europe or in the Americas. Above all, it confirms the excellent work done by Citroën Racing’s teams. Our technical advisors are still working to constantly offer our drivers a fast and effective car, regardless of the road surface, anywhere in the world.”


Didier Clément, Head of Customer Racing, Citroën Racing:

“Since it made its official debut at the 2018 Tour de Corse, all our teams have worked tirelessly to enable C3 Rally2 to become WRC World Champion with Mads Østberg in 2020. We are particularly proud to be able to provide our customers with a ‘world championship-winning’ car. The drivers will be able to benefit from all of our expertise to enjoy themselves and win races in C3 Rally2. With a far-reaching set of specifications implemented in terms of performance and driving comfort, C3 Rally2 is capable of challenging for the leading positions in the biggest national and international championships.”



#C3Rally2Family 2021 line-up

WRC 2: Sean Johnston and Mads Østberg.

WRC 3: Eric Camilli, Nicolas Ciamin and Yohan Rossel.

ERC: Yoann Bonato and Alexey Lukyanuk.

FIA NACAM: Ricardo Cordero.

Hungarian Rally Championship: Mads Østberg.

French Rally Championship: Yoann Bonato, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi, Mathieu Arzeno, Pierre Rocher and William Wagner.

Belgian Rally Championship: Nicolas Ciamin and Kris Princen.

German Rally Championship: Marijan Griebel and another drive (tbc).

Spanish Rally Championship: Jan Solans.

Portuguese Rally Championship: José Pedro Fontes, Pedro Antunes (winner of the 2020 Iberia Cup with the 208 Rally4).

Polish Rally Championship: Lukasz Kotarba.

Estonian Rally Championship: Roland Poom.

Mexican Rally Championship: Ricardo Cordero.

Chilean Rally Championship: Alberto Heller, Pedro Heller, Benjamin Israel and Vicente Israel.