First UK Championship to see electric compete with internal combustion engine cars


The 5 Nations British Rallycross held its media day this week along with pre-season testing for some of the teams ahead of next month’s opening round at Lydden Hill. The 5 Nations British Rallycross plans to feature both electric and conventional engine vehicles in its Supercar class for the 2021 season.

The proposed electric car has been built by the Austrian firm “Stard”, they have used their Stard ERX™ powertrain within a converted Ford Fiesta Mk8. The car appears to be on a par with its engine rivals with an impressive 450 kW power output delivering 1000 Nm torque, which is equivalent to about 600 bhp and can run for about 15 laps on one full charge.

British Olympic hero Chris Hoy was first to take the Stard out on track under the watchful eye of rally legend Manfred Stohl who is president of Stard. Matt Neal the world-renowned and three-time British touring car champion was also keen to see what the car could do and showed some impressive laps.



The British Bomb Liam Doran, world rallycross driver, had the privilege of taking the car out for four laps at the end of the day, to say he was a bit quick would be an understatement; I am still smiling now as I write this.

Hannah Rynston, 5 Nations BRX Coordinator has been pivotal in the planning of bringing what will hopefully be a mixed grid with electric cars and engine-powered supercars. This will be the first championship in the UK to have mixed grids and will follow in the footsteps of Norway, Germany, Austria Italy, and Hungary. As to who will drive the Stard or Stards is still to be confirmed but it is believed that the team could comprise Chris Hoy and the 2020 Projekt E International Champion Natalie Barratt.

MSUK British Rallycross Championship 2021 Provisional Schedule
May 29 – Lydden Hill, England
May 31 – Lydden Hill, England
July 10/11 – Mondello Park, Ireland
August 29/30 – Pembrey, Wales
September 25/26 – Knockhill, Scotland
November 6/7 – Lydden Hill, England
December 4/5 – Spa-Francorchamps

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