Double trouble for the BRC Historic


From the South Belgian Rally to the Ypres Historic Rally

It will be a very intense weekend for the participants in the Historic Belgian Rally Championship. After all, some title candidates combine the South Belgian Rally on Saturday with the Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally on Sunday. Whoever is in top form can immediately open a gap.

In Vresse-sur-Semois, Geoffrey Leyon will start with his BMW M3 as a victory candidate, together with Patrick Deblauwe in his Ford Escort. Frédéric François will be the first Historic driver to start.

Youngsters Arthur Kerkhove (Ford Escort) and Christophe De Leeuw (Opel Ascona) also want to score, as does reigning champion Dirk Deveux with his powerful Ford Sierra Cosworth. Danny Kerckhof will certainly be a formidable opponent with his BMW M3.

Sébastien Incardonia, Etienne-Philippe Courtin, Paul Vereecken and Pierre Jamin with his trusty DAF complete the pack.

It will be a very short night for Dirk Deveux, Danny Kerckhof and Arthur Kerkhove, because on Sunday they will start in the Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally. There they will compete against Bjorn Syx, the top favorite with his BMW M3. Also Paul Lietaer (Opel Manta 400), Didier Vanwijnsberghe (Toyota Celica), Stefaan Stouf (Ford Sierra Cosworth) and Christophe Merlevede (BMW M3) will certainly not give them the points in the Westhoek.

Curious who will take the best start in the Historic Belgian Rally Championship.