The atmosphere and pitlane of Le Mans


Another superb gallery from Paul Foster as he covers the 24 Hours of Le Mans for RacerViews!

The pitstop challenge

On Tuesday afternoon, crews for the 62 cars in the 24 Hours participated in the first-ever Pit Stop Challenge. Mechanics from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and TF Sport rose to the top in this tyre change speed test.The Pit Stop Challenge starting signal was given today at 15:30 by none other than Bruno Vandestick. Spectators watched on as tyre changes were executed in succession in front of the garages. With three teams working at the same time along pit lane, the first times were recorded as well as the first withdrawals, namely a Ferrari belonging to Iron Lynx.

After a routine warm-up, the four mechanics in each crew got into position. With the clock ticking, they proceeded to change the tyres, taking care not to get their brushes tangled in the pipes of the pneumatic guns, and precisely adjusted the tightness of the four central lug nuts. For Team WRT’s #31 ORECA 07-Gibson, the exercise was a failure, the fault of a recalcitrant right front wheel that wasted precious time. Every second lost is costly because to clinch this inaugural victory, you had to complete the task within 10 seconds.

The winners in each class:

Hypercar  |  #8 Toyota GR010-Hybrid of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in 10:1

LMP2  |  #13 ORECA 07-Gibson of TDS Racing x Vaillante in 11:6

LMGTE Pro  |  Porsche 911 RSR-19 of Porsche GT Team

LMGTE Am  |  #33 Aston Martin Vantage AMR of TF Sport in 10:1

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