Cherain and Porsche on a Rally2 defying run at Rally du Condroz


There was something about Cedric Cherain this weekend. Behind the wheel of a Porsche 997 GT3, the Belgian driver left any fears at home. Those little voices that us mere mortals have to tell us to back off, were not in his head this weekend.


For Cherain took a stage win and, incredibly took the Belgian win, and second overall on the Rally du Condroz Huy. He was second only to Nikolai Gryazin, who was spectacular in his Skoda. It looked like Cherain would take fourth overall, still quite an achievement but Stephane Lefebvre retired and Cherain put in a monster final stage, to take the stage win and overcome outgoing Champion, Adrian Fernémont.

Now, here it is where it gets a little awkward, as I don’t speak French and he does not speak English but it was clear from the few words he spoke that the car was on point.

“Firstly it is fantastic with this Porsche and the condition is great with this Porsche. But in the second legs it gets more difficult because the road gets dirtier,” co-driver, Damian Wither said to RacerViews.

“It feels fantastic, I don’t know – I am struggling to find the words. We never thought we could win a stage here on the Condroz but we are in front of the four wheel drive cars, so that is very good for us.”

Indeed, the car is well known for its incredible braking ability and good acceleration but no one would really think that it could overcome a crop of Rally2 cars with top drivers behind the wheel.

Normally, though the Condroz Rally takes place in much colder conditions, with little rain and temps that are about 5-10 degrees warmer than normal.

Not to mention a lack of night running changing the atmosphere of the event

It all led to an absolutely incredible display. It shows what is possible in rallying, when the conditions come are right!

And an absolute and deserving congratulations to Cherain and Withers!

By Sam Tickell