Formula 1: Perez dominates, 1-2 for Red Bull as Alonso claims 100th Podium


Sergio Perez cemented his claim as King of the Streets as he took home a dominant victory in Saudi Arabia. Teammate Max Verstappen, starting from 15th, finished an impressive 2nd as he drove through the field while battling a lingering driveshaft issue that plagued his qualifying in Q2. The Dutch driver retains a single point advantage over Perez in the drivers championship as he was able to nab the fastest lap of the race on the final circuit.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin’s continues to impress as Fernando Alonso (with some controversy) took home his green machine in 3rd place for the 2nd time in as many races. Initially the Spaniard was penalized after starting out of position at the beginning of the race, with the stewards handing him a 5 second time penalty that he served under a safety car caused by his teammate Stroll at roughly the end of the first stint. However, the FIA determined that this was not acceptable and assessed a 10second time penalty to him after the race, some 32 laps after he served the initial penalty, handing the podium to George Russell of Mercedes. It was later overturned and Alonso was given his place back in 3rd as the FIA revised their ruling, much to the criticism of those involved.

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Formula 1 returns to Melbourne in two-weeks time as Aston Martin looks to stop the Red Bull dominance, while Mercedes and Ferrari hope to challenge for podiums under the Australian sun.