Our FIA WEC race recap as told by the fans and drivers

Audi took a dominant 1-2 at the FIA WEC opener at Silvertone (photo: Audi Sport)
Audi took a dominant 1-2 at the FIA WEC opener at Silvertone (photo: Audi Sport)
The World Endurance Championship started its 2013 season at Silverstone and Twitter was going a little crazy. Here is how the fans and drivers saw the race
First off, hats off to the FIA WEC, Radio Le Mans and their partners for putting on a stellar online stream. Brilliant.
It was said during the broadcast and it is true – F1 is the preferred WEC feeder series. The list of drivers this series attracts is very much, first class
What the drivers competed for at Silverstone – the Tourist Trophy
A great video by Michelin to get you in the mood. Oh how we have missed the WEC
The weather held for the race, unlike qualifying and the ELMS race
The Morgan OAK guys in for a service. The cars are back to the pink and black this year
The start of an exciting season
The pitlane at times looks more like a motorway, full of really, really nice cars
6 hours of racing and it was tight, a classic battle. Other series’ would be jealous
P2 was also tight but was overshadowed by the Audi battle
The lead Audi was not at 100% after an incident early in the race, but there were no team orders here
Your stat for the race
Those 14 lead changes through racing, not cheap gimmicks
McNish was pretty stoked with his run to victory. They did it hard against a very quick teammate (even if their car was damaged)
Toyota will want to fight back at Belgium and will have a 2013 car there
Aston Martin started their season in style, taking both the AM and PRO GT categories
Your results
And finally, a race report from sportscars’ finest journalist

Compiled by Sam Tickell, April 2013

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