ALMS race report, by Twitter. It is quite fun

SRT Viper at the Corkscrew (Photo: ALMS)
SRT Viper at the Corkscrew (Photo: ALMS)
The ALMS just raced at Laguna Seca for the final time. It was a cracker of a race and we took to Twitter to see how the world saw the race.
Waking up to this, then racing  – there are worse ways to live
Meanwhile, Kyle Marcelli is hard at work…sort of
We agree, your dad is pretty cool. And what a track that will be.
Back to Laguna, and a gratuitous shot of your winner through the corkscrew
Or a gratuitous shot of your pole sitter, and runner up
Don’t worry Team Falken, I doubt this car will have a chance of catching the guys on the other side of the fence
I still struggle seeing Grand Am and ALMS promote each other. After reporting on the sport for the best part of a decade, it still is a mind…
Agreed. So what did YOU today? There are some very talented drivers coming for the future of sportscars.
Girls with inflatable things. Yes this is motorsport
Reason number 750 of why sportscars is better than stock cars
Sportscars are also better than F1 – of course we will bring you a F1 report too
The fans were given a great show with the ALMS
Without doubt, the fight at the front was exciting – and Jani does his best to emulate the legendary Alex Zanardi
Pitlane is a hazardous place
It is a shame the Deltawing didn’t make the finish but it did set up a great one
Yeah, yeah it was
Cracking race and great result for the Pickett guys. Great to see them go hard with the Rebellion car
Even the AJR/West Ferrari is feeling the pain
Andy Lally is sorry for something? For what we don’t know, can’t be for a bad race. Must be for something else. Possibly for not donating his car to us? Employing us? It is definitely something to do with not giving us something good
After a disaster last time, Level 5 were flawless this time
I couldn’t think of a worse thing to happen!
Oh yeah! Keep an eye out here for the video
If you want the results go here

Compiled by Sam Tickell, May 2013

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