F1’s Canadian trip – the Twitter reaction

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton put on the fight of the race but neither could touch Vettel (Photo: Ferrari)
Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton put on the fight of the race but neither could touch Vettel (Photo: Ferrari)
The F1 circus moved to Canada and the fantastic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The race was by no means a classic but had its fair share of fun.

First off though, everyone at RacerViews was shocked to hear of the freak accident that took away a true fan of the sport. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the marshal that passed. We would also like to extend our sympathies to the sport’s marshals, without whom the sport could not survive. Our thoughts are particularly with the team that was working with the fallen marshal on Sunday

We agree, Montreal is like Melbourne and a necessary part of the calendar
After Lotus’ weekend, they may need to review their track inspection team
Williams would kill for a year like 1989…although who would have thought that in 1897?
In the wet, they looked good. Unfortunately in the dry it didn’t work so well
Lewis now has a t-shirt after radio antics at Montreal!
He had a massive fight with Alonso for the podium – the most entertaining part of the race
We are jealous of this guy
Though Vettel and Red Bull were in a class of 1 this weekend
Though he did almost throw it away – twice
Tyres are still on the cards. Though this race was like a race of a couple years ago. Tyres held up almost too well
If anything good can come from the tyre testing debacle, this is it. In season testing in a controlled fashion is a must
Though the stewards did hand out penalties like they were candy this weekend
This. Goes with streaming and a web service that the sport deserves
Finally, it appears that birds have no fear of racing cars
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Compiled by Sam Tickell, June 2013

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