Onboard with Patrick Tambay’s Renault in Adealide’s F1 circuit in 1985

The last of the turbo era Renaults (courtesy of edvvc)
The last of the turbo era Renaults (courtesy of edvvc)

The Adelaide F1 Grand Prix was held for the first time in 1985, bringing F1 to Australia as a Championship round for the first time.  It would also be the last grand prix for the Renault team of the time as they retired their yellow teapots without the Championship’s they deserved.  The cars were hugely innovative but also tremendously difficult to drive and unreliable.

Come the end of 1985, drivers Patrick Tambay and Derek Warwick had only scored a handful of times.  Tambay scored two podiums in the first three races but from round four at Monaco, the season was a disaster and Renault RE60 would be the last chassis from the French manufacturer until the reentered F1 as a constructer in 2002. Of course they contintinued to supply engines to great success in the 1980s and 1990s.

Lets ride on board with the Renault RE60, powered by the Renault Gordini EF15 V6 which was able to produce well over 1000HP.


Photo courtesy of edvvc on Wikipedia

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