Alister McRae on Extreme Rallycross: ‘there [is] a really good future here’


Extreme Rallycross test Lakeside Aug 2015 Sam Tickell161

The Extreme Rallycross Championship kicks off this weekend and the star name for the series is one Alister McRae – a big name in a the RX Lite – the headline act for the Championship.

The Championship will start small as far as the headline act goes, with McRae battling against the 4WD category rather than a field of RX Lite machines but he is confidnet that the series will grow and Rallycross is the place to be.

“The promoters have worked really hard. Not to build just a motorsport event but it is an entertainment event and that is important distinction.

“These guys want to put on a top-notch world class event for the spectators to watch and brands to get involved with. I think they are doing a great job and like any new sport it will take time to develop and build.”

For McRae the car is a fantastic one to drive, one that feels the same to a stage rally car that he used to drive.  Additionally he finds it a great car to drive, an important aspect for Extreme Rallycross, given the plethora of machinery that Alister has driven in the past.

Granted it is not the outright World RX car but it is a car that is built for purpose.

“It is built specifically for rallycross, this is car 28 out of 35 built in the world now. There are a few in the States, the same in Europe. I hope it builds here. It is used world wide so there is a market for cars out there to buy and sell. It is not like you are building something specific for Australia.”

For those wondering what it is like to drive, those familiar with other forms or rallying may be surprised at its similarity to another form of stage car.

“It is probably similar to S2000 – ok that is a space-frame chassis but it is a 4WD, sequential gearbox, it has 2.4 litre naturally aspirated rather than 2 litres, so it is similar to drive.”

Alister though is looking forward to getting behind the wheel for Round 1, is very happy to have joined the Series at an early phase and believes it has a great future.

“I have been in contact with David for a long time and he told me of his plans – you just have to see what Rallycross is doing globally – in Europe and the States, it has a great future. He asked me to come along for a drive and of course, when it comes do driving different disciplines, that is what I want to do.

“I think they are going to put on a great show for the first event…The foundations are there for a really good future here in Australia.”

Extreme Rallycross test Lakeside Aug 2015 Sam Tickell165

By Sam Tickell September 2015

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