BRC: Vincent Verschueren master of the Sezons


Just like in previous years, the final of the 42nd Seersaw Rally was again full of revolutions. Just as Vincent Verschueren was approaching 1 “5 from leader Kris Princen, the navigator of the Limburger made a miscalculation when clocking in. Princen was given three minutes penalty time and Vincent Verschueren did not have the chance to secure his second victory in a row The East Fleming is the leader in the Jobfixers Belgian Rally Championship to the Renties Ypres Rally.

Kris Princen, who was navigated for the first time by Yannic Sterken, took the best start, but the differences remained very small. After the 6th of the 15 times, the difference was 9 “3, but from that moment on, Vincent Verschueren stepped in. He approached with 4 fastest times to 1” 5. It seemed to be a very exciting finale, but just at that moment the leader made a mistake when clocking. They drove into the regroup three minutes early, which means three minutes of punishment. Vincent Verschueren did not leave the opportunity. The Godrive rider won for the second time in a row and took the lead in the championship, with 4 points ahead of Princen.

“This is really a victory for the team, because the boys of Godrive have literally worked day and night to incorporate the new evolution engine on Thursday night,” said Verschueren. “We did not start very strong, because the car had too much understeer and that gave me little confidence.After the second round, with the right adjustments, I was able to attack fully and we approached Princen.Jammer that he made that mistake, but it depends from small details this year. ” Of course, Kris Princen was disillusioned. “This is not a good thing for our title chances, but with the third place we have limited the damage …”

A number of other tenors were also still surprised. Adrian Fernémont, on his way to second place, had to stop the battle due to a faulty power steering and Erik Van Loon drove his suspension piece on a stone on the final test. The second place went to Sébastien Bedoret, the 22-year-old recruit of Skoda Belgium who achieved his best result: “Of course, this is better than we had thought.” I started cautiously, because I had never driven on maasick. Very special experience, because the speed is very high and finding the right braking points in particular was difficult, the most important thing was finishing and making progress, that’s what happened, “said Bedoret, who finished third for Princen and Stephen Wright, who after three successive podium places this time on the fourth place stranded. However, the Irishman was not completely satisfied. “I am very happy that we were able to ride in Bocholt again, but I was not as fast as the previous years, I missed some guts, but we are still close to the podium and this is still a very nice race. , “Wright said, taking advantage of the flat tire of Steve Matterne, the crash of Didier Duquesne and the broken clutch of Porschist Gunther Monnens.

Patrick Snijers lost the fourth place on the final test because of a loose water gut, which made him reach the start 13 minutes late with the Porsche. Snijers again delivered a top performance and won the category for GTs. Steve Becaert sent his Mitsubishi to a handsome 6th place, ahead of Steve Matterne and Pieter-Jan Michiel Cracco. The Jobfixers driver lost five minutes due to a flat tire on the opening test. Without that flat tire, even a podium place was feasible for the Ford pilot.

In the Pirelli Junior BRC the victory went for the third time in a row to Gregoire Munster, who took the lead in the second round for Jean Dilley. The third place went to Tobias Brüls, who lost a lot of time by a sortie.

In Historic there was no measure on Paul Lietaer, although Guino Kenis also drove some fast times with his BMW M3. Tom Van Rompuy finished in third place. Patrick Mylleville, the leader in the Historic BRC, gave up with engine trouble. Stefaan Prinzie and Bert Truyens also had to stop the fight early.

The RACB Rally Criterium was won by Philip Lommers, for Wouter Lievens. Before the start of the final test Johnny Louies followed 2 “7 of Philip Lommers, but the local driver drove.

Originally in Dutch, translated by Google.