Stage 6 cancelled, stage 7 completed in Africa Eco Race


After the cancellation of the 6th special stage yesterday because of the absence of the helicopters which stayed in Dakhla due to bad weather conditions, the race was back on track on the AFRICA ECO RACE 2019. This first real Mauritanian stage between Northern Station and Chami is long of 481km, was going fine until the arrival of the first two autos. Unfortunately, while passing the chronometer line, the buggies N°202 et 211 crashed into each other. If the four competitors miraculously came out without any serious injuries, the two buggies are totally destroyed. This spectacular accident which happened only 2 km from the bivouac, shook the AFRICA ECO RACE caravan. We must say that the results of the day were not the priority at the time, even though this accident will seriously change the ranking. 



Unfortunately, we could not anticipate the lack of visibility over Dakhla, which didn’t allow the three helicopters, dedicated to the security of the race, to take off. Therefore, at 1.30PM, when the first helicopter was supposed to start, no helicopters were on site, not even René METGE to supervise the race. The decision was then taken to cancel the special stage. The competitors therefore joined the  Chami bivouac by the road with a free liaison.