New colours for Peugeot Sport as they prepare to re-enter Le Mans 24


Peugeot Sport unveils their new identity and reinvents the meaning of performance. A new look for a new era, one of neo-performance.

Choosing the notorious circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans to reveal its new logo and the main components of its return to Endurance in 2022, PEUGEOT pays tribute to the legendary race, marked by historical accomplishments: human, sport and technical. The monumental Peugeot Lion will oversee the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 unfold from the banks of the Dunlop turn. He will bear the new visual identity of Peugeot Sport, carefully aligned with the graphic elements of the new label of high performing electrified vehicles of PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED, whom availed from the savoir-faire and expertise of the “motorsport” engineers.


François Wales, Peugeot Sport Director: “Peugeot Sport turns to a new page of its history book with the development of new high-performing electrified technologies, the result of the expertise and technical knowledge of its teams. The next launch of the 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED and the return to the World Endurance Championship are the notable achievements of this work. It was important that our identity symbolize this new chapter in which Peugeot Sport is committed passionately, in strength and professionally.”

Matthias Hossann, PEUGEOT Design Director: “The diagonal claw marks are a recurring signature for PEUGEOT. We encounter them on the PEUGEOT 504 and have for the past 10 years in the light impressions of our vehicles. They embody Peugeot’s athletic heritage through Peugeot Sport and its leaders of competition, who have left their mark on the history of motorsport for decades.

Arnault Gournac, Peugeot Design Lab Director: “We are presenting a new visual identity for Peugeot Sport, separating from the red, the traditional color of sport and the historic blue of PEUGEOT. The PEUGEOT black and kryptonite mark the beginning of a new era, one of new performance. This colour choice will let shadow or light reveal the assertive character of this new generation, sealed by the three claws of the lion. Both sporty and modern, the new typography joins the claws steering towards innovation and suggests movement and vigour.