Ypres Rally to feature in the 2021 WRC calendar


The FIA World Rally Championship in August in Ypres

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Never say never. The FIA World Rally Championship is coming to our country after all. The Renties Ypres Rally Belgium will host the WRC in August, and it will be the first time in history that it is held in Belgium.

Well, here goes!

Two months after Club Superstage had to cancel the penultimate round of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship with a heavy heart due to the second wave of the Covid pandemic, the joint efforts of the many volunteers have not been in vain. Initially, the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium was nominated as a reserve round for 2021, but today Belgium’s top rally has definitively gained a place on the 2021 FIA WRC Calendar.

“Following the cancellation of the rally at the end of October, we remained in close contact with the FIA and WRC Promoter, emphasising that our event was ready to take its place on the WRC calendar,” said Alain Penasse, President of Club Superstage. “Our employees had proved that they could adapt quickly and organise a WRC event at short notice. We will be able to welcome the FIA World Rally Championship in Ypres for the first time in mid-August! Broadly speaking, we will use last year’s format again. This was clearly appreciated by the participants, as the entry list for the 2020 edition looked impressive with 140 teams registered”.

The Renties Ypres Rally Belgium is traditionally held at the end of June, but the 2021 World Championship fixture will be held on August 12 – 15 (TBC).

“Of course, we had to take into account the other dates on the FIA WRC 2021 calendar. In August we will replace the UK round. We also had to take into account the availability of the market in Ypres and the possibilities at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, where the GP Formula 1 will be held at the end of August. That’s why mid-August seems ideal,” concludes Alain Penasse.

The FIA World Rally Championship coming to Ypres in August will give a huge boost to tourism and catering in the region.

“The tourism and hospitality sector has been severely hit by the Covid pandemic. By bringing the World Championship to Ypres, the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium will give a tremendous boost to the hospitality and tourism sector in the region. Now that vaccinations are starting in our country, everyone hopes to be able to enjoy their regained freedom again this summer. This will certainly create a unique atmosphere on the Market Square in Ypres and along the special stages,” says Jan Huyghe, Director of Club Superstage.

The worldwide interest of fans in the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium was enormous two months ago. This summer they will be served at the historic event in the Belgian sports-world, the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium.