Rally van Haspengouw moves to a new service park for 2021


The Rally van Haspengouw will see a new service park for the 2022 edition, which will kick off the Belgian Rally Championship season

After the cancellation of the edition planned for the end of November, it soon became clear that at the end of February we still could not use the service area, domain ‘t park in Landen. After the confirmation from the government regarding the booster shot, it was impossible to organize at the end of February 2022.

However, we have been in talks with Drone Port and the City of Sint-Truiden since the end of October. Drone Port owns the buildings on the former military site in Brustem, and we had our eye on Hangar 66. There is plenty of paved space on this site for a beautiful and spacious service area to be developed.

As such, the City of Sint-Truiden, who, together with Drone Port, give us permission to use their site.

The Haspengouw HQ rally in the Drone Port buildings. All facilities required for this are present and available. For those who want to come by plane or helicopter, there is even a possibility to land within walking distance of service and HQ

The home of the rally of Haspengouw was located in Landen for many years, and we thank the city of Landen and all services for the pleasant cooperation of recent years, however in 2022 Sint-Truiden will become the epicenter.

The rally itself will include the same 4 special stages as in 2020, which will be run 3 times each time, namely Walshoutem, Boekhout, Kamerijck and Halle-Booienhoven. The spacious service area will meet the demand of different participants, and with a service after every 2 special stages.

Another novelty will be the shakedown that will take place on Thursday 24 February. This gives everyone the opportunity to extensively test their car before the start of the 2022 season. The rest of the program remains the same, with reconnaissance and scrutineering on Friday, and the 24th edition of the Haspengouw Rally on Saturday.

The Gitter regularity will also be welcome on Saturday, and this also in Sint-Truiden. They will be allowed to show their skills in the first 2 rounds behind the national participants.