Watch: WRC 2026: What to make of the FIA Announcement


The FIA announced what we can expect in the 2025 and 2026 rules after their working group and research came up with a raft of suggestion for the cars and the events.

We know there have been some issues with the Rally1 cars as the cost a lot of money, we don’t have many on events and hybrid is generally unpopular.

Is Rally2 the option? But what are their solutions?

Then there are the events as well. We are seeing shorter events that are becoming more and more standardised. That is seemingly not playing well with the rally fan and the events.

The announcement takes a look a lot of that area too. So we might be seeing some different elements to the events too. It is all to help save money and make the sport a little more exciting for the fan.

We take a look at that and the pros and cons to what they are looking at for the cars and the events in the coming years.

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