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RacerViews was at the Intercontinental Trophy Cup race over the weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  The Intercontinental Trophy Cup is a Porsche only series for the Caymen series of cars.  Run over three categories, the series offers close racing.  One class is for experienced drivers, one for younger drivers and the third class is for GTP cars – or cars with some further modifications.  More information can be found at http://www.trophycupracing.com.



Gary Brousell took second overall in his Avitus/Body Motion Porsche.  It was only October last year that the team had to repair this car after an arguement with the Road America armco. The team have done a great job to be back and Brousell to be back at the front.



Tom Bloom did not go so well in the wet conditions, finishing seventh in class.  He only competed in the Saturday racing, electing not to take part in the Sunday racing.



Body Motion had four Porsches in the race over three classes – a busy weekend for any team.  The #21 car of Ralf Marra showed some pace but it was the #14 and #10 cars that showed well for the team

More from the weekend’s action (words courtesy of the ITC)


Fox & Isringhausen extend respective class points lead; rookie Baxter takes P2 points lead

MILLVILLE, NJ (May 19, 2013) – Damp conditions didn’t stop the close racing at New Jersey Motorsports Park, as Tim Fox, Geoff Isringhausen, and Tanner Whitten won Sunday in their classes during the NASA Northeast Thunder sprint race, solidifying their overall weekend wins.  The win in P2 marks a first for young gun Whitten, but solidifies the tally for both Fox and Isringhausen in GTP and P1.


Even with only one car, Tim Fox still had his challenges throughout the weekend.  During Saturday’s sprint race, it was fending off Joey Guinta, keeping Andrew Baxter behind him during the early stages of the enduro race, and today, it was making sure Tanner Whitten didn’t pass him for the overall lead.   The two were nose-to-tail for a portion of the race, with Whitten passing Fox for a bit, but Fox was able to regain the position, and take the overall win in ITC and the NASA Thunder group.

“I worked for it, there’s no doubt about that, the competition was good.  I have to thank Paul and Geoff at Bodymotion, thank you guys,” Fox said of his win this weekend.  “I felt confident, everything was safe and it was a good weekend.  He leads the GTP point standings with 84 points.


With Joey Guinta, Mark Sandridge and Tom Bloom not in attendance for Sunday’s festivities, the field still had battles galore, including a battle between the father-son duo of Geoff Isringhausen and Geoff Isringhausen Jr.  Through some of the attempts Isringhausen Jr. tried to make on Isringhausen, father prevailed over son to take the Sunday sprint win, and the overall P1 win.  “I thought he (Geoff Jr.) was going to get me, and he actually did pass me in turn 5, but he was gloating there, and got into turn 6, and he wasn’t watching the track, and I was like ‘well, you’ve got race, you can’t be fast,’” Isringhausen said of the battle between he and his son in the middle of the race.  The win extended Isringhausen’s points mark to 77.


As it has been all season, P2 is the class of young guns, with Tanner Whitten & Andrew Baxter answering the call this weekend.  Whitten, who was in substitution of Lukas Johnson, who had to complete his finals, was coming off a successful initial test at Autobahn Country Club, and he co-drove with Geoff Isringhausen at Sebring during the ITC Endurance Championship presented by Denney Jewelers in conjunction with Porsche Design.  This gave Whitten the drive to compete at NJMP for the sprint wins, the first of his ITC career.  “This thing is an absolute rocket ship that Geoff and the entire Isringhausen team put under me.  I can’t thank them enough, and Avitus Group and ITC for allowing us to come out and race,” Whitten said of his first ever win.  Andrew Baxter finished the weekend in 2nd place, and taking the points lead with 70.


The next event on the 2013 Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series Championship presented by Avitus Group will be June 21-23 at NOLA Motorsports Park.  This will include Round 3 of the ITC Endurance Championship presented by Denney Jewelers in conjunction with Porsche Designs





1st Tim Fox #14 Bodymotion Cayman



1st Geoff Isringhausen #56 Isringhausen Cayman

2nd Gary Brousell #10 Avitus Group/Bodymotion Cayman

3rd Geoff Isringhausen Jr. #58 Avitus Group/Isringhausen Cayman

4th Joey Guinta #613 Cayman

5th Ralph Marra #21 Health Warehouse/Bodymotion Cayman

6th Mark Sandridge #49 Sandridge Foods Cayman

7th Tom Bloom #16 Bloom Roofing Systems Cayman



1st Tanner Whitten #32 Isringhausen Porsche

2nd Andrew Baxter #12 Poor Cat Designs/Bodymotion Cayman

Photos by Andrew Henderson, May 2013

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