A Petit bit of history, part 1 of many. Petit Le Mans 2010

With the end of the ALMS and Grand Am eras coming up, we at RacerViews would like to bring you many of our favourite memories from the series.  These will take the forms of photo retrospectives, blogs and more.  Here we start with a look back at one of the great races – the 2010 Petit Le Mans.



Highcroft was at their prime in 2010, over the previous few years they had really made their mark.  The ILMC brought over a plethora of European entries.  The OAK Pescarolo added to the P2 class.  As per usual, the battles were tight but Highcroft taking the P2 win with OAK taking 3rd in class



Back in 2010, Scott Tucker was racing in the LMPC – like today, he entered two cars, the #55 and #95.  The #55 didn’t make it to the flag



TRG were also there, turning out their typically beautiful Porsches – taking the GTC win from Blackswan



The GT2 battles were tight with the leaders never getting strung out.  Corvette were the ones to take a surprise win, experiencing a resurgence in form. For some reason, Flying Lizard never had a lot of luck at endurance races.  Their wins would be hard fought and here, despite having the pace, they couldn’t make the class podium, taking 5th in class


Audi were there with the R15 though Peugeot took the P1 win, there were meant to be three Fords with the #40 running into trouble



PR1 Mathiason gave Luis Diaz a ride after Fernandez pulled out when they ran out of funding for the Acura program.  They ran third in class though a long way from the winning Level 5 entry


911 Design took the step into the ALMS finishing some 12 laps from the class winner


The BMW program was always a welcome but controversial one in the ALMS.  They brought controversy primarily due to some not saying their car was a sportscar as such, rather a saloon.  This car finished 31st overall – not something to write home about…


Extreme Speed with Scott Sharp, Johannas van Overbeek and Dominik Farnbacher took an unexpected podium.  A second in class was well above the expectations for a team that struggled to get to the GT2 pace in their first year






Undoubtedly a favourte and we were so happy when they got their Le Mans podium, the Robertson Racing team entered two cars at Petit.  The team only usually ran one but here they had a second car.  They had also sold a car to ACS Express Racing but they wrote the car off in a practice crash – they never got to race the car!  In any case, here they weren’t on the ultimate pace but put in a great showing – a privately funded and developed car fought with factory Porsches, Ferraris, Corvettes and BMWs


For years we were used to Alex Job being the defacto Porsche factory team. After losing that backing they wondered the sportscar limbo for a while, checking different programs before committing to GTC. They would find success but finished well down the field here.

Photos by Andrew Henderson,  2010

Words by Sam Tickell, 2013

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