Sébastien Loeb on his Citroen C3 WRC test


Sébastien Loeb talks after the asphalt test day and final briefing with Yves Matton, Boss of Citroen Racing and Kevin Struyf.  It has given more confidence in Kris Meeke’s car.


“The feeling with the C3 WRC was really good, it was impressive to notice the difference in the speed in the corners compared to the old WRC. ”

This is the first time of the nine-time world champion has driven the new C3 WRC and was flanked by its inseparable navigator Daniel Elena.

The Alsace native has once again found the Citroen Racing Team not far from its original venues, in the Vosges near Col du Donon, on a road that was wet in the morning, which later on during the day has dried up To dry completely.

The analysis is really promising:

“At the end of the Test, when the asphalt was all dry I really felt the difference in performance, it was really fast. Obviously I have no real terms of comparison, but compared to the old WRC everything has definitely improved.”

“Obviously wet and vision was difficult, which did not allow us to push as we would have liked. It was raining and very cold and the tires were too hard for these conditions. I found a more nervous car than an old WRC, which makes the cuts really complicated and if we think we have to run for tens of miles the stress increases. But at the end of the day on the dry one I had fun and went all for the best. »

After being away from the WRC for several years, Sébastien Loeb has been able to discover the real potential of the new generation of WRC Plus.

“Turning to the dry, I had the impression that I was driving a run car on a special test. Because the C3 WRC in the dry is really very fast and effective, but in difficult conditions with poor grip, they should make the car much less nervous and easier to drive.”


“It was clear the goal for everyone was just to be able to test the new rally car, for me it was a good opportunity to discover and realize the potential of the new WRC Plus. On the other hand, Citroen will allow them to have my own personal point of view and return on the car,  my experience in rallyes. For the moment we have not talked about the future, I have many commitments with Peugeot in the RallyCross and Cross Country to prepare the Dakar.

But we will be able to do tests on the ground, which is a harder foundation, and I think we will have to work far beyond these tests on asphalt.”

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By Carlo Canova August 2017
Originally in Italian. Translated via Google with editing.

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