IDEC Sport the performance and making their team happy


IDEC Sport may have been formed as a sailing organisation but they have quickly solidified themselves in the motorsport world – particularly with the help on one Nicolas Minissian.

After a glittering career Minissian has stepped into the Team Manager role at IDEC Sport where he oversees the Eurpoean Le Mans Series with two cars – an LMP2 Oreca and LMP2 Ligier along with GT3 Mercedes and Porsches for the Creventic 24H Series.

It is a challenge that he relishes. Being around the paddock and involved in the organisation of a team is the next thing. He draws on years of experience from small teams, like Creation, to mid teams like Pescarolo and factory teams like Peugeot.

“The switch was quite easy to running a team and the sporting side of things is taking as much pleasure as when I used to drive.”

As detailed on our story here, he does get back in the cockpit and can provide a wealth of information to young drivers and gentlemen drivers for the team.

Providing the driving with the service they need to succeed in their racing endevour is of key importance but also key is the happiness and welfare of the team.

These two things have to be taken into account when deciding where to race and why the team is quite happy in the ELMS and the Creventic series.

“The way the team is going is already very busy. So it is about the preparation – to prepare the car well. If we go to Asia, it would be no rest. We have been doing Creventic as well. The car needs to be rebuilt. The team needs to rest.”

“We need to use the winter to prepare and if we go racing, we may not prepare well. We go and do what we can do at the best we can and will only look to do more when we can do it at the level do now.”

“IDEC Sport have a good setup. My main concern is to ensure there is a good connection between the driver and the engineer. When you want the best from someone you make them happy. And when they are happy, the performance is better. So we are trying to give them the freedom to express their performance.”

For the time, IDEC will continue to consolidate their position in the ELMS, where they have scored a raft of top five finishes, though without cracking the podium.

At Spa they came close. The Oreca was forced to start at the back of the grid and Paul-Loup Chatin forced his way to fourth position by the time the red flag fell. If the race went to distance, who knows where they could have ended up.

The team also showed well at Le Mans, racing inside the top 3 in the LMP2 field before a gearbox failure after 312 laps put them out of the race.

But in the end, the team develop though the remainder of the 2018 season will come back stronger in 2019.

Keep an eye out for our feature on Nic Minissian’s career.

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By Sam Tickell, September 2018.

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